This page lists the Tools in GTFO.

Tools occupy your 4th slot and is selected at the preference of the player during the rundown before an Expedition starts.


Tools are powerful items that allow players to control the tactical situation giving them an advantage against enemies.

Each tool serves a different purpose. Careful planning and combining your teams' tools can help the team in upcoming engagements, an example being setting up foam in front of a sentry gun to create a kill zone making it easier to control hordes. Like your weapons, most tools have a limited amount of ammunition before they run out. The Bio Tracker is the only tool without ammunition. Your tools can be refilled by using Tool Refill Packs, which you can find in resource containers that are found randomly throughout the mission.

[RUNDOWN SPECIFIC] tools will be only found in specific rundowns - not guaranteed to be for in for all of them.

List of Tools[]

You can equip these in the lobby menu, and tools cannot be found in the levels.

Removed Weapons[]

These tools were exclusive to a certain rundown(s) and have since been removed.