The Complex, officially named "Garganta", is the main setting of GTFO, an enormous abandoned sprawling facility deep beneath the surface.


The complex is an enormous facility with hundreds of laboratories, hallways and rooms all interconnected in a sprawling fashion. Deep beneath the surface, the facility has top side entrances, with A level expeditions typically exploring areas of the facility between 400 to 600 metres deep. The deepest parts of the facility are over a kilometre beneath the surface.

The complex has four main layouts, with the first layout appearing to be a factory/warehouse, with many large pipes along the walls and ceiling. The complex also has much more rudimentary looking bare caverns littered with freight containers, hastily constructed walkways and platforms. Many large drills can be seen, indicating that that these rocky tunnels and rooms are efforts to expand the facility.

Scientific research and development sections of the facility are also extensively part of the complex, with many laboratories littered with various workbenches and apparatus. These parts of the facility appear the most well developed along with the datacentre layouts. Datacentre parts of the facility have numerous computer terminals and servers, with electrical wiring running along insulated walls.

For security, the complex features many security doors that will trigger an alarm and bioscans if they are tampered with. But opening security doors are necessary for expeditions to completed.

The complex overall is enormous, and it could speculated that there'd easily be thousands of personnel working here. It even features multiple nuclear reactors of varying sizes, which is a main objective on some expeditions for prisoners to locate and restart.

The deeper into the complex, the more dark and dangerous it becomes. With the deepest levels of the complex being extremely dangerous, rampant with the most lethal types of sleepers.


The complex is littered with Santonian logos, as well as some other containers with minor company names on them.

The underground complex has been abandoned for many years and has been overrun by flesh-eating, grotesque monsters, and um, you wanna get out of there
~ Simon Viklund

The developers use potent colours to differentiate between areas, taking inspiration from the first Alien movie. The style of the environment is intended to start as something understandable, and have a bridge between what the environment was, and also root it in some sort of reality, and according to Ulf Andersson, become weirder and weirder.

Geographic Location[]

The Complex's hinted location is 21°08'57"N 89°29'32"W.[1] That is a location in the Yucatan peninsula, and inside the crater impact zone of the Chicxulub crater, which was formed by the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs.

Canonical Purpose[]

The Complex appears to be a mining and industrial complex, this is supported with character tools, weapons, and equipment that resemble mining equipment. The Complex may also have served as a laboratory, as many chemicals and laboratory equipment appears throughout each level alongside the infection.