The Tank is a special enemy that is first debuted in Rundown 004 and acts as a boss for certain expeditions. The Tank is one of the most durable enemies in the game. even more resilient than the Mother.

Father, Hydra
32% Melee / 14% Tongue
Extremely High (150 per tumor / 1000 total)
Slow, Fast(when charging)
Threat level
Very High
Weak Points
Tumors (3x)


The Tank is the most heavily mutated creature yet, and bears little resemblance to anything human. The majority of its mutations occur on its body, giving it a cone shaped, bulbous appearance. Unlike other enemies, it appears to have three heads which all attack individually with long flesh appendages. It is bigger than the Big Striker and has dark spikes aligned on its torso and heads, similar to the Charger. It is similar to the Mother in that its head and front are armored, negating damage from gunfire. It has multiple tumors on the back which serves as its only vulnerability.

Dormant Audio[]



Tanks are special enemies, meaning they only spawn in certain expeditions and certain rooms, but they will always spawn in the same place and act as a boss for the level. They are normally found sleeping, and act appropriately so, but have also been featured in an Error Alarm.


The Tank has a lot of health, and it is only vulnerable to damage via the tumors on its back. The multiple orifices on its upper body allow it to target and attack several players at once with its ranged attacks. It can also melee strike at players who get too close.

The Tank will try to keep a short distance between itself and players and hide its backside. It can use its ranged attacks while moving around, but its attack takes longer to hit compared to other enemies. Its melee attack deals more damage than and is as fast as a Charger's or Hybrid's, making it very risky should one attempt to melee it.

Although the Tank usually moves very slowly, it will charge at the players if they are too far from the tank or any of the players are no longer in it's sight.


The Tank's set spawn locations make it easy to prepare against it. Outside of meta knowledge, Tanks are usually visible through the window of whatever door leads to where they reside. The tumors on its back are its weak point. It is important to focus fire and eliminate as many as possible before it gets close and starts incapacitating your team. If a team does not attack it from multiple angles, it will often lodge itself in a corner and try to "snipe" anyone in its sight.

  • It tends to shift its attention between multiple players, getting one player to grab its attention while another shoots its back is paramount to killing the enemy.
  • Guns with a higher damage burst AND longer range such as the Burst Cannon and the Sniper Rifle can allow players to take out tumors at a safe distance, provided they have a clear shot.
  • Several players with shotguns up close such as the Buckland S870 Shotgun and the Buckland AF6 Combat Shotgun can deal high damage but risk being up close to the Tank.
  • Krieger 04 Mine Deployer can deal a huge amount of damage if placed correctly, usually as a stack above whatever door the tank runs out of.
  • As a bipedal, it will occasionally stagger from taking damage, which may briefly expose its back.
  • The tumors will "pop" after receiving too much damage. Ensure you're still targeting them and not its armored carapace.
  • The Tank will occasionally scream, lowering its front, and leaving it vulnerable to attack.
  • A well positioned Sniper Sentry can output a lot of damage against the Tank. Particularly useful for smaller teams of prisoners, and tool-ammo efficient.

The Tank is a heavy hitter, having both strong ranged attacks and heavy melee attacks. Paired with its high health, mobility, and tendency to hide its only weakspot. It can quickly devastate an unprepared team.

Useful Information[]

The Tank dies after 7 tumors "pop", coordinate with your team to call out how many tumors have been broken.

Number of hits to break a tumor (by weapon):

Burst Cannon = 1 burst (5 rounds)

Shotgun/Choke-Mod Shotgun = 2 shots

Revolver = 6 shots

Sniper = 1 shot

Tanks in certain expeditions have about 2-4 or even more Big Chargers with them, sleeping or awake.