The Striker is among the most common enemy in GTFO. They deal low damage and have relatively low health compared to other enemies.

They can easily be stealth killed with one fully charged melee hit, without the need to aim for weak spots.

//250 pixel
12% / Tongue
Low (20)
Threat level
Low / Medium (in groups)
Weak Points
Back (2x), Head (3x), Occiput (6x)


Strikers are one of the most easily recognizable enemies within the game. Their basic anatomy is similar to a masculine humanoid, however, they possess several traits that render their appearance particularly gruesome. One of these features is their modified head, which is split into two halves containing several "rows" of teeth, which can be found in various sizes. Below their chest, their gut area is extremely bloated to the point of bursting the abdomen. In addition, part of the Striker's hip bone seems to be missing, presumably to enable them to crawl on all four legs. Their skin colouration resembles ivory, and when listening to their environment the faint glow emitting from within their body makes their veins (?) visible through their skin. Their hands are lacking fingers completely, leaving only the palm area intact.

Dormant Audio[]




Strikers have a high probability of spawning in any room, which makes them one of the most commonly found enemies within The Complex. They will always be in a dormant state by default and will not attack unless woken up by the players. Once alerted, they will attack the player and they will not stop until they are killed.

Strikers may also spawn if a Scout is alerted, appearing in an extra wave of enemies spawned by the Scout.


Strikers will attack the player with their tongue, which glows red. This attack can be dodged. The Striker can also be staggered with gunfire.

With low health and 12% HP damage, a single Striker will not pose a significant threat to the player. During combat, they will instead rely on large numbers to take down the players. Beheading a Striker is not guaranteed to kill it.

The Strikers can be found in various positions while in their dormant state:

  • Standing
    • Once alerted, it runs up to the players to melee them.
  • Crouching
    • Will crawl below the player's line of sight to attack once alerted. The crawlers' biggest threat is that they can avoid trip mines entirely if the player does not set them up low enough, as they can essentially crawl under the laser detector.