//Keep the width at 250-270 pixel!
5% / Projectile
Low (30)
Average, on the slower side
Threat level
Low / Medium (in groups)
Weak Points
Back (2x), Head (5x), Occiput (10x)

The Shooter is among the most common monsters in the complex, next to the Striker. Shooters serve as ranged enemy variants, firing bright projectiles with tracers that home in on the player.

They can be stealth killed with one fully charged melee hit (aiming for the weak points is necessary).


Visually they have a humanoid appearance with clusters of oval sacs on their heads with visible human facial characteristics such as a nose and eyelids and their head is intact as opposed to their Striker variants. Their body is much more similar to a regular human, lacking any major mutations, unlike Strikers. However, they still have small warts on most of their body and visible veins on the surface of their skin. Their hands seem to lack fingers, resembling stumps.

Dormant Audio[]




Shooters are commonly found sleeping in zones, and can also spawn from alarm sequences and Scout waves.


When encountered, they are usually dormant, and when alerted they prefer to engage the player from a distance, launching projectiles that can track the players' movements. These projectiles are able to be dodged by zigzagging; alternatively, the missiles can be dodged by dashing right before getting hit (defaulted to <Shift> + <A or D> on keyboard). They inflict light damage (5%) to the player's health, however the semi-homing projectiles in combination with other enemies rushing your position can prove to be an unwieldy combination and can stack up damage quickly if not dealt with properly.

While they excel at long distances, they're incredibly vulnerable in close range as they have no melee attack. This allows players to manoeuvre within melee range to dispose of them without using up ammunition.