"Shadow Scout"
//250 pixel
Ghost Scout
4% / Projectile
Medium (42)
Slow (patrolling)/ Average (fighting)
Threat level
Weak Points
Back (2x), Head (3x), Occiput (6x)

The Shadow Scout is an enemy type which is only visible in light or with the Bio Tracker tool. Unlike most normal Scouts, these invisible variants spawn close together in groups and can set off a dangerous chain reaction if not silently killed. It made its debut in Rundown #4 in the C and D tier Overload objectives.


The Shadow Scout has a similar build to a normal Scout, with a slightly differently shaped head. The key difference being they're invisible in the dark when patrolling, their tendrils, however, are not. When a light source is shined upon them, they are reminiscent of walking Shadows, with transparent bodies and somewhat blurred outlines.


The Shadow Scout behaves identically to a normal Scout, is only found deeper inside the Complex. Shadow Scouts are currently only found in groups, players need to use either a semi-strong light source or their Bio Tracker, to make them visible. Unlike Shadows, they sound the same as a normal Scout, if alerted, they spawn a horde of either regular enemies or Shadows, this depends on the scout and appears to be set depending on the level. When alerted they act the same as a normal scout, which means they have the same three shot burst of projectiles which do 4% damage.


Tactics remain the same for killing a Shadow Scout. It must be killed in a very short span of time in order to prevent it from becoming invulnerable. It is recommended to measure the entirety of a situation before attacking it (doors to keep closed, areas to retreat to, etc.). As they often patrol in groups, it may be necessary to coordinate multiple takedowns of Shadow Scouts with teammates. Something to keep in mind is that unlike regular Shadows, Shadow Scouts will remain tracked by a biotracker for the normal amount of time, instead of only for a few seconds.

Stealth kill[]

  • A fully charged melee hit in the head will stealth kill a Shadow Scout. The player can use C-foam to make this task less risky, thus giving an additional five seconds to perform the kill (although it will be difficult due to the Shadow Scout's invisibility). This can also be done when a Shadow Scout's tendrils are extended, as there will be a small period after touching the tendrils where you can still kill it before it screams.
  • Sprinting into a Scout's tendrils will alert it much faster than just walking into them, you can briefly sprint or shine your flashlight on it to force it to extend its tendrils and remain still to aim easier.

Regular kill[]

  • It becomes far less effective to use loud methods of killing Shadow Scouts, if a Shadow Scout is not alone, the gunfire will awaken nearby enemies and other Shadow Scouts in the vicinity that will summon a massive horde of enemies. From afar, it remains difficult to ascertain where to shoot its head for an instant kill. Getting close and personal is the only surefire way to avoid an alert.

Long Range Flashlight[]

A Long Range Flashlight will cast a clear silhouette of the Shadow Scout from a distance to you and your teammates. Prolonged exposure to the light will make the Shadow Scout extend its tendrils, so take heed and avoid them, or prepare to kill it with a full melee charge to the head.

Bio Tracker (Recommended)[]

A Bio Tracker will mark Shadow Scouts with a red triangle like any other enemy, and unlike regular alerted Shadows, will last as long as normal scan on an enemy.