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June 23, 2021
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Rundown 005 was released on April 29, 2021 at 11 AM UTC // 1 PM CET.


Rundown 005://Extended was released on June 23, 2021 at 8:12 AM UTC // 10:12 AM CEST


New Features[]

General Weapons Environments Enemies Objectives Objective Items
Artifacts Double Tap Rifle Floodways Charger Scout External Uplink Plant Samples
Boosters Heavy SMG Cocoon Survive Warden Protocol HISEC Cargo
Enemy Respawning Sawed-off Shotgun Unsealed HISEC Cargo


Tier Expeditions
A R5a1.jpg R5a2.jpg R5A3.png
High Terminal Command Extreme Gather Items High Retrieve Item Extreme Terminal Command Overload Gather Items High Terminal Command Extreme Retrieve HSU Overload Distribute Powercells
B R5B1.png R5B2.png R5B3.png R5B4.png
High Retrieve HSU Extreme Distribute Powercells Overload Reactor Startup High Gather Items Extreme Establish Uplink Overload Gather Items High Process Item Extreme Terminal Command High Survive Warden Protocol
C R5C1.png R5C2.png R5C3.png
High Establish Uplink Extreme Establish Uplink High Activate Generator Cluster Extreme Reactor Startup Overload Terminal Command High External Uplink Extreme Process Item
D R5D1.png R5D2.png
High Reactor Shutdown Extreme Terminal Command High Reactor Startup
E R5E1.png
High Terminal Command


121UL6.LOG (Found in R5A1)

D-Lock Block Cipher


Mr. Girauld#(*&&(*cdvw

I have authorized several new PRDM booster mods to be given MUTED classification. This brings the total numbe$ppw%]]_. These have proven themselves to offer substantial benefits to the operatives with no known costs. I’ve marked 6 Genesis operatives as test #%$^ so we can study any long term usage issues, the rest will be sent to the field as instructed. Therev^rw_$$[...but I can approve muted boosters for field use.

With regards to the prototypes, the attached document lists every mod classified as Schedule X (which we are labelling as BOLD for administration purposes). These do offer increased performance over muted, but I cannot vouch for_93f#*&7re[ unreliable and won't activate unless the conditions are just right. They should be fine if you have a specific need, but understand that the operative will need to keep in mind the requirements needed for the serum to take effect. Work continues.

There is also a growing list of AGGRESSIVE boosters (rejecte*J($#J(*&FD We really have no use for these as they are not cost efficient. While the performance benefits are extraordinary, they are ultimately dangerous and frankly, toxic. I have sent a batch to Gar*&)(^huijhi&^R&^tbut I must reiterate that I do not approve of their use. I cannot be held responsible for the results.

It@#$ppI_rqw@@mm]]important that we dispose of the serum used in any aggressive booster mod as there may already be an underground market develo9942())*hw^%$&recreational_use. I hav$&fgr4%*the term “aggros” is already being used. They can be traced back to us, so please be extremely careful with them.

Sebastien Girauld, Operative_Scie*&#@_Dire%^&

[Corrupt blocks detected. Check physical drive]

523_PS-778.LOG (Found in R5A2)

Checksum verified. Any potential quality loss attributed to data decay.

245_ST-555.LOG (Found in R5A2)

Checksum verified. Any potential quality loss attributed to data decay.

914_IW-001.LOG (Found in R5A2)

Checksum verified. Any potential quality loss attributed to data decay.

435_IR-172.LOG (Found in R5A2)

Checksum verified. Any potential quality loss attributed to data decay.

35YE6.LOG (Found in R5A2)

Private encryption//SMC mail server

From: Andrew Clinton B035
To: Amara Gabris N002
Date: August 15th 2050
Subject: Breaking ground

Ms. Gabris,

Mr. Davies has informed me that the deal with Nyxos has been finalized, and that you will be my contact for the foreseeable future. To get you up to speed, we expect to begin drilling the main shaft in the next 6 weeks or so. Our expected progress will be approximately 5-7 meters per day, with a target depth of 1500 meters being reached by July 2051. July is a drop-dead date. We will have completed the main shaft by then, which means that all Nyxos materials and equipment need to be on site by August 1st 2051 at the latest. If for any reason you have problems fulfilling the orders, or in transportation to the site, you need to let me know immediately. We run a tight ship at SMC, and expect our partners to match our professionalism and diligence.

Also, a word about security clearance. Though you have been cleared up to Tier 3, your staff and workforce have not. I expect all of your employees to be fully informed of which areas of Garganta are off limits. Any personnel found without clearance in a restricted zone will be removed from the facility immediately and will face criminal prosecution. Both Mr. Davies and I will be holding you fully responsible for the movements and discretion of your team during the project.

Now that that's out of the way, welcome to Garganta, the most cutting -edge mining and research facility ever built. Santonian Mining is proud to be partnered with Nyxos. We're going to do great things together. See you at Garganta!

Andrew Clinton B035.

QVC-911-POP-4.LOG (Found in R5A3)

Checksum verified. Any potential quality loss attributed to data decay.

MBCQ-11W-MDU.LOG (Found in R5A3)

Checksum verified. Any potential quality loss attributed to data decay.

REVA-558-CA.LOG (Found in R5A3)

Checksum verified. Any potential quality loss attributed to data decay.

OGVA-616-FY.LOG (Found in R5A3)

Checksum verified. Any potential quality loss attributed to data decay.

BCOM-3EG-2419.LOG (Found in R5A3)

illicit communication
concern begins/..

D-Lock Block Cipher


I’ve processed the environmental data collected over the last 3 years, and there is no record of anything like we’re seeing now. The temperature readings are off the charts - way in excess of the variance we expected at 2000. The cooling system is being pushed past max just to keep the lowest levels tolerable. There is constant seismic activity that the geos assure me does not mean the entire complex is about to collapse, but when you’re in one of those tremors that doesn’t bring me any comfort.

I don’t know where your supervisors are posted at the moment, but if you have any work orders below 2000+ you might want to tell them to start writing their letters home.

I’m installing the system that I told you about for our mutual boss. I’m going deep on this one - and it is really, really uncomfortable down here. This place makes you want to scratch the inside of your head.

Honestly, I think they’re hitting some kind of geothermal mass but everyone’s too afraid to say anything. If our probes are closing in on a geological anomaly with unknown properties, I feel like energy spikes, temperature fluctuations, seismic activity, and a shared sense of doom and fear would be a big tell, right?

It’s all very well prioritizing emergency procedure education, but isn’t it better to just avoid the emergency in the first place?

Hit me back.


personnel files updated
alert system flagged
concern ends/..

BCOM-3ED-0946.LOG (Found in R5A3)

illicit communication
concern begins/..

D-Lock Block Cipher

Well fuck me, you called it Art.

What the hell just happened? The entire place shut down on us. Gianna said the mole broke through some kind of barrier. She noped the fuck out of there and told Insight to go and investigate it. Not that I’d call her a reliable source anymore. 4 of her team have bit it in the last 3 years, so… yeah. It doesn’t take much for her to GTFO.

So Insight charges in (FUCK THOSE GUYS) and clears the area. As per we don’t hear shit from them. I’ve got a 300 strong workforce all looking at their Pit Boss waiting for an order, only I know as much as they do so fuck me, right? Then I remembered that backdoor you told me about, so a bit of rewiring here, a cable patch there and…I had a listen. DON’T PANIC. I was careful. Used up all my knowledge from CS studies in community college.

Anyway, I didn’t understand a lot of what the nerds were talking about but I did get that they sent a probe in to inspect the chamber. They’ve got KSOs holding off Sleepers left and right but they’re keeping it held down then suddenly BOOM. I know you must have felt it. We were topside and we felt it. Honestly, I thought the walls were going to collapse and we’d all be drowned then I remembered I built them so NAH WE GOOD.

I don’t know what it was though. Some kind of energy blast that fucked up anything in its path and left behind these molten passages. Like shit isn’t mad enough already on this job, now we got laser beams shooting at us.

Fucken. Nutz.

They’ve told us we’re all getting a week off while they figure out “the issue”. I know I’m gonna lose some people over this. They’ll risk the Kovac perimeter rather than go back down there.

Fuck this. Fuck them. Fuck you. Only not you. See you in Chix for stogie.


personnel files updated
alert system flagged
concern ends/..

HIST-D22-K.LOG (Found in R5A3)

D.Lock Block Cipher
Sender: Anders Johanson (A029)
Receiver: Harriet Lorde (B273)
Date: September 5th 2051
Subject: Excavation confirmation

Ms. Lorde,

I have been informed by Mr. Clinton that I should speak to you regarding the schedule for KDS Deep. As it stands, work is not due to start until March. The assignment was approved on the 6th October last year, and the main shaft is deep enough for the laterals we have requested, so what is the delay in getting the excavation started? Our temporary hangars are just that- temporary. BIOCOM and our other equipment are sensitive to both temperature and pressure. They require the correct environmental conditions to function at maximum efficiency. The hangars do not offer that environment, nor do they offer enough space for our needs.

We too have a schedule to keep, and we need to be moving into our new residence by the end of 2052. Work needs to start on the assignment immediately.

I am confident this misunderstanding will be rectified, so I will arrange the move into our permanent residence for January 1st, 2053.

If you have further questions, please speak to my associate Mr. Piros (A134).

Anders Johanson

PRL-DAT7-RFF8.LOG (Found in R5A3)

Private encryption//SMC mail server

From: John S[Corrupted] C067
To: Andrew Clinton B035
Date: August 17th 2051
Subject: Final depth reached

Mr. Clinton,
We hit the main shaft target depth of 1500 meters at 03:30am. I called but your assistant said you were not available.

We’re in the process of dismantling the vertical mole and lateral drilling will resume on the 20th once environment filtering has completed. We’ll be using the Nyxos pulverizer tooth sets for all of the new laterals, and can work 12 excavations at a time. We expect to make rapid progress on the levels between 800 and 1500m in the next few months. Work on the lower floors will be slower according to Geo, but I’ll keep you in the loop. Once Geo comes back with new data, we’ll go back to the main shaft and should be able to run both lateral and vertical excavations at the same time.

Thank you for the security bump. It’s so much easier to speak directly to Amara and the Nyxos team. I will be informing them when each lateral is completed so they can start building out the interiors as they did in the upper floors. I have been informed that Cntrl have T2 clearance, so I’ll keep them in the loop as they expand the grid.

Once we’ve vented and cleared each floor, all mining personnel will be housed underground, which will reduce traffic in and out of Garganta as requested.

Can I get confirmation on tour length for the mining teams? A few of them are a little nervous about being in the hole for too long, and there are rumors spreading that it’s a six month tour minimum. I’d like to squash these rumors as soon as possible. Or confirm them. I just need to know.


EBDT-TYUF965.LOG (Found in R5A3)

Mambo Media Services mail server
From: Franke Fische
To: Derek Larwood
Date: August 15th 2042
Attachment: UnDoIt Recovery file #B-10374-NXZ-06
RE: Hydrostasis article

I had to run UnDoIt to find this article. I’m guessing Kovak didn’t want their name in the spotlight? It was wiped from the Mambo registry entirely. Well, not entirely…

Let me know if you need more,

Science Weekly
Friday November 2nd, 2035

Wake Me When We Get There
Report from Lance Overmars, ESA correspondent, Kourou Spaceport

With next month’s launch of the ESA’s Red Alpha manned mission to Mars, we take a look at the unexpected investors backing the historic flight to our celestial neighbor.

Red Alpha is scheduled to take flight on December 13th. Just a few weeks from now, the long journey to Mars will begin with a nerve-racking countdown from Mission Control, here at the Kourou Spaceport. Next, there will be a thunderous roar as the Phoenix Engines ignite their 400,000 kg payload of LOX and RP-2 fuel to send Red Alpha screaming up and out of the atmosphere. Finally, a riotous round of applause will be heard from mission control and the viewing gallery. At least, that’s what the ESA hopes will happen, and their recent track record suggests this launch will be as routine as their previous 14 missions, all of which have been executed without a hitch. They’re getting pretty good at it.

The only major difference (apart from the significance of the first manned flight to our scarlet brother) will be who is watching the proceedings. The standard dignitaries will be there of course, and many of the 2,000 ESA support staff not working at Mission Control will have a front row seat; but there will be two surprising guests observing proceedings from Flight Control.

One is Janson Davies, CTO of Dreyfus Industries. Perhaps that is not so surprising given that Dreyfus seem to have a hand in everything these days (and Davies himself is a known space fanatic). Next to him, a seat has been reserved for a representative from Kovak Defense Services. Yes, that Kovac Defense Services, the company that offers dubiously dubbed “security services” for over 150 of the Fortune 500 companies and several less-than-democratic governments. KDS also run multiple correctional facilities across the globe, including the US, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil. Their detention methods are frowned upon by lawmakers in the European Union, but despite the distaste many Brussels politicians have for KDS, they will have a seat at the launch party. They’ll insist on it, in fact, and no one at the ESA is going to argue with the people writing the checks. It is a BIG check.

The crew of Red Alpha will be asleep for much of the 4-month journey to Mars, thanks to the new Hydrostasis Hibernation Chambers on board. This breakthrough technology has been funded almost entirely by Dreyfus Industries and KDS. Plenty of rumors abound regarding the reason for --

[Encryption checksum mismatch. Contact your IT administrator]

56HF2.LOG (Found in R5B1)

D-Lock Block Cipher

Sender: Ellis Carnegie
Receiver: Angela Klein A106
Date: June 8th 2052
Subject: Behavioral anomalies among Sigma gen

Ms. Klein,

I recommend only using Tau gen until we have fully investigated the issue with Sigma gen. The Pretoria lab is running some tests on our GOs and our remaining Sigmas to isolate the behaviors you mentioned. A few questions:

1. Can you send photos of the self-harm you indicated with 0-2056? We need to confirm if the scarring is indiscriminate or definitely religious. Our records show this operative has exhibited similar behavior before, despite multiple resets.

2. The head banging behavior is known in toddlers, but we did not see that behavior in any of the Genesis Operatives. Does it start immediately after resuscitation, or after some period of time? I would like video evidence for the records and a more detailed report please.

3. Can you send me a list of the operatives you marked as faulty and sent to recycling? We track both organ and tissue stocks here so we can trace the history should we need it.

Ellis Carnegie

Kovac Research, Pretoria

84HJ4.LOG (Found in R5B1)

Mambo Media Services news wire
One Planet News Network
June 17th, 2048

Mass Shooting at Larnaca Base Kills 18
by Gerald Mackee

18 people are dead at a US military base in Larnaca, Cyprus, after a shooting rampage on Saturday morning. Authorities stated that the gunman was eventually stopped by marines having been shot 8 times, and is in critical condition at the Hausen Hospital in Nicosia. The name of the assailant is known by OPN, but is being withheld as part of our “no glory” policy.

The suspect was a supplies clerk, and had been stationed at the base for just 6 months prior to yesterday’s attack. Sources close to the suspect called him a “quiet, unassuming man of God”, but also a “powder keg waiting to blow”. Investigators are yet to determine how the shooter obtained a Mossberg 590, the weapon used in the attack. Shotguns have not been issued to US forces since 2037, implying the weapon was either shipped or smuggled onto the base.

The Pentagon has informed OPN network that the suspect has a record of distinguished service, and had recently returned to duty after escaping from Erzurum, a Turkish city taken by the Caucasus Republic Forces when they invaded in 2047. Several hundred US soldiers were caught behind enemy lines after the CRF’s shock invasion of Turkey. Few made it out, and those who did returned with horror stories about the treatment of US prisoners of war by the CRF.

It is understood that the suspect was offered a compassionate honorable discharge after escaping from Turkey, but rejected it and requested assignment as a supplies clerk. He was then posted to Larnaca, a strategic US hub that supplies the peacekeeping forces stationed along the newly established Turkish/Caucasus border.

Investigators confirmed that the gunman acted alone, said that there are no other suspects at this time.

90EK2.LOG (Found in R5B2)

Mambo Media Services news wire
Focus on Fingal newspaper
November 5th, 203

The Curse of Colt

The island of Colt has a tormented past. Those who have called the island home have either been beset by misfortune or, as locals will tell you, they have fallen victim to the Curse of Colt.

A series of unfortunate events have occurred on the island. These are often blamed on a curse left by an outcast druidic sect that settled on the island in the early eighteenth century. Skerries locals (the nearest mainland town) are quick to warn any visitors that they should not travel out to the island, as bad luck will befall any fool who touches its shores.

While the druids have long since passed on, yarns are still spun in the pubs and taverns of Skerries. For two centuries, there have been a series of unfortunate deaths and injuries related to the island. With the news this week of the death at Braeburn Manor, those old folk tales have surged again. The Curse of Colt has once again left its bloody mark.

This time the curse was felt by a father and his four sons, the family that currently calls Braeburn Manor, the only house on the island, home. Last week, one of the boys was killed while out hunting rabbits.

The victim, a fourteen year old identified only as Cormac, was shot through the neck. With no quick access to the island, the boy succumbed to his injuries before help could arrive. Worse yet, the gun that killed Cormac was fired by his twelve year old brother.

The police have labeled the incident an unfortunate accident, though this is not the first time tragedy has struck the family and in particular, the youngest of the four brothers. When he was just 5 years old, while walking along the island’s north cliffs with his mother, he saw his mother fall to her death. While there has been much speculation about whether the mother fell, or jumped, there is no doubt that the trauma must have had a profound effect on the boy. For that same child to accidentally shoot his own brother seven years later is a tragedy hard to fathom. The Curse of Colt strikes again.

The police have not named the boy specifically, but Focus on Fingal believ-

[Encryption checksum mismatch. Contact your IT administrator]

58ZP4.LOG (Found in R5B3)

1 folder. 5 files.

>>File 1/5

Private encryption//SMC mail server
From: Dean Lockwood
To: Janson Davies
Date: January 25th 2028
Subject: Tying up loose ends

Mr Davies,

I have managed to secure the transfer of our mutual friend as requested. I have hand-picked a security detail to ensure he doesn’t get lost between the office and the airport. Representatives from the Valencia branch will meet him at the other end, confiscate his passport, and make sure he settles in. Given the current climate in Venezuela, I have had to make assurances to some of our friends in Valencia that they will be offered safe passage out of the country should the civil unrest escalate. Intel suggests that will happen by the middle of next month, so I’d like your permission to arrange their evacuation immediately - please let me know.

I hope this covers everything. Congratulations on the promotion. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you in the future. I am here to help.

Dean Lockwood

>>File 2/5. Key mismatch.

>>File 3/5. Key mismatch.

>>File 4/5

Private encryption//SMC mail server

From: Janson Davies
To: Dean Lockwood
Date: December 19th 2027
Subject: Loose ends


I have a friend who is hoping to visit Valencia in a few weeks. I need help making arrangements.

Janson Davies

>>File 5/5. Key mismatch.

746WW7.LOG (Found in R5B3)

D-Lock Block Cipher

Sender: Rutger Werner
Receiver: Dean Lockwood
Date: March 2nd 2050
Subject: The asset has been located

Mr. Lockwood,

The asset you requested has been located. We tracked him down in Chad working for, of all places, Médecins Sans Frontières - under an assumed name of course. I guess he thinks it’s his penance or something...

Either way, we have him now. I have offered him a role at Insight and he has accepted. I have attached his file so you know what we have on him should you need it. I doubt if he’ll put up too much resistance to be honest. He understands he either works for us, or we’ll expose him. Interpol still has an active case number on him for the Cornerstone Trials, so he’ll be happy we disappeared him once he’s settled in to the work Also, despite all his protestations, he did ask a lot about Insight - so yeah, methinks the doctor doth protest too much. He’s in. Let me know if you need anything else,


ATTACHMENT: Dr_AbeoD_pers_file.pdf [file not found]

EBET-743-HRD.LOG (Found in R5B4)

Private encryption//UMS mail server
From: Gustavo Peres
To: Andrew Clinton B035
Date: June 18th 2049
Subject: Bid accepted

I have it on good authority that the bid will be accepted in the next few weeks. You will have full access up to 15 km off the coast as promised. I will send you the full map later today. By the way, why do you need that much area off the coast? What’s out there?
Thank you for the donation. The kids will love it!

85NP1.LOG (Found in R5C1)

Mambo Media Services news wire
//Translation complete//
A Fractured History
The Intelligentsia, Science Dep
April 11th 2041

The Fountain of Still Life
by Ava Bontemps

This week, Kovac Research revealed a glimpse into the future that has captivated the scientific community and made the research company the focus of worldwide attention.

Kovac Research- a self-described “Futurist Organization” owned and operated by Kovac Defensive Services - has been working on a solution to an age old problem that has prevented manned long-haul space missions. As both NASA and the ESA contemplate the complexity of a joint mission to Enceladus, the dilemma of how to sustain human life during the six year journey has been a thorn in the side of both organizations. Keeping the crew fed, fit and sane for such a long time journey seems insurmountable. While there is no shortage of volunteers willing to spend over a decade (they have to get back, too) in space just for the chance to be the first humans to engage face-to-face with an extraterrestrial species, keeping these pilgrims not only alive for that long, but physically able to complete the mission has not been possible. Until now. Maybe...

The breakthrough that Kovac Research hopes will answer these questions is called Hydrostasis - a process that allows humans to be held in a state of suspended animation for weeks, months, even years at a time without suffering any ill-effects. The nuts and bolts of the process nare a closely guarded secret, but sources speculate that the procedure likely uses a synthetic amniotic fluid to sustain and protect the body nwhile it is in an induced comatose state. In this state, the body is - for all intents and purposes - dead, but no cell deterioration or physical decay occurs. For the human in Hydrostasis, the heart, and time, stops.

Hydrostasis is not without its critics. Many have decried Kovac Research's tendency to gloss over the problems found in the recently completed first human trials - namely that participants have suffered\ some neural degradation and “minor” memory loss. There have also been questions raised about who Kovac Research is using for the human trials, with some suggesting that participation may not be entirely voluntary.

These issues notwithstanding, Hydrostasis appears to offer a potential solution that may unlock the conundrum of extended space travel. Beyond that, the medical world could use such technology in the field of emergency and combat trauma, with

[Encryption checksum mismatch. Contact your IT administrator]

MAIL_INV_CNTR-445.LOG (Found in R5C2)

D-Lock Block Cipher

Sender: Ian Wolcott
Receiver: Carlos Lands
Date: August 4th 2050
Subject: Inventory management


Just wanted to let you know that the wares arrived today. Everything is in order.

Current Inventory control:

Zone 2: Foam test Lab 14 foam grenades 38 foam mines

Zone 3: Explosives test Lab 48 Tripmines

Zone 4: Medical Lab, 52 I2-LP Syringes 29 IIx drug Syrin=/xrg

SQ5674_Y.LOG (Found in R5C2)


This is Schaefer. Brother (clears throat) okay. There are many so so many of us working the orders, sneaking through the maze. Everyone of us alone, because that's the way they need it. But, but I broke free and the lighting may be lost in this black pit; I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT! I know the cold truth, I see what they are doing. I know what they fear. They fear the mind of a chained man. They fear the thinking men, they fear the men that work as one. So fuck 'em right? Fuck 'em! You come find me brother. Go deeper; below... Below eleven hundred meters... That, that will put you close! Yes! Smart, see? You find a terminal and enter the code: “RESIST”. Secret ok? You and me, we are gonna help each other.

SWNE-191-FRT-M.LOG (Found in R5C3)

Mambo Media Services search query
Keywords: virus, Mayan, Maya, historic, flea
6,724,158 results returned. Filtered by relevance:

“Where did the Mayans go?” - Our Earth magazine 9/25/43

A new theory regarding the sudden demise of Mayan culture has been presented by Dr. Yvette Hernandez at the Anthropology Forum convention. Dr. Hernandez’s research posits that the Mayans were almost completely wiped out several times by an illness they referred to as “Flea Demons”. Though the interpretation of hieroglyphic stelae leaves much room for interpretation, Dr. Hernandez believes she has discovered conclusive references to mass deaths related to the illness on three separate occasions, right up to the 16th century during the occupation of Mayan territory by the Spanish Conquistadors…

“Superman, Superbug” - Medical Examiner 12/3/44

We’re at war. Right now. All of us. Our entire species. We’ve always been at war, and until recently we’ve been winning the fight. No quarter has been given to our adversary, yet no matter how often we drive the opponent back, they return with greater power and more tactical strength to assault us once again. Who is this arch-nemesis? What has been attacking our species since we first came down from the trees? Who is this enemy we cannot vanquish? Bugs. Bacteria. Viruses. Microorganisms. From the black death, to the Mayan Flea Demons, to Ebola and the SARS Covid outbreaks in the early part of the century, the Superbug always returns stronger and more resilient than before; so, what are we doing to fight them?...

DTLA-SCH-4PR.LOG (Found in R5C3)


That thing, it broke our minds. It pumps us full of chemicals, it owns our fucking soul! What do we call it? Cullen, he said he knew its name, “The Warden” he called it. He said the word just popped in there. Like yeah memory, but there aren’t any memories, so… So how do we know it? How do we all know it? It’s INSIDE! Cullen’s dead now, talked too much, I think. So was Malice and Garret. It’s just me down here, alone *sobbing*. And you, I have an Idea, we have an Idea, an opportunity yes, yes, yes! We’re going to show the rats they’re in a maze, we’re going to give them back their minds, teach them to think again. That’s why The Warden keeps us seperate right? So we don't think! Can’t have us talking, talking leads to Ideas and Ideas might break the programming. *laughing* Well I have broken mine you fuckers! *laughing* Listen to me now, listen. If we connect them, if we start talking, we’ll have a fucking army down here, right boys? We can take control, we’re the bug in the code boys, you and me *laughing*. Time to start thinking! Time to start thinking about how we get the fuck out.

GHK-342-1088-D3.LOG (Found in R5C3)

Incident Report
Reported by: Gianna Hilton D043 (Mine Team 5 Supervisor)
Date of Report: August 11th 2053
Incident: #L27-B1-279

Incident Details
Date of Incident: August 11th 2053
Time of Incident: 14:50
Location of Incident: Level 27, section B-1

Incident Description
During second shift (approximately 13:15) we hit a Cretasium vein which broke a tooth on the cutting head. We killed power to the mole, cleared Team 5 and called engineering. Engineering sent Jordy (E257) and Gus (E431) to replace the tooth. The work took 1 hour, during which time there were no indications of any issues from Jordy or Gus. I was supervising the work from cage 3, approximately 15 meters from the incident.

After replacing the tooth, Jordy cleared and Gus started the mole to check head alignment. When the mole reached full speed, Jordy turned to me, saluted, then walked directly into the cutting head. The teeth dragged him in and chopped him into pieces.

I then told Gus to cut the power. Medical arrived but there was nothing of Jordy left and I was told to write up this incident report.

The mole will need to be serviced and cleaned.

Actions taken after incident
Psych evals ordered for Gus Addison (E431) and Gianna Hilton (D043).

PEDD-J0L-221-R-LOG.LOG (Found in R5C3)

Mambo Media Services news wire
Politika Pensado
June 19th, 2050

General Assembly Annual Session Voting Begins
by Kate Harding, Political correspondent, Politika Pensado

This week marks the beginning of the United Nations session voting, and as usual there is expected to be little consensus between the member states. Over the last decade, the UN general assembly has become more and more fragmented, with member states focusing on nationalistic goals above global ideals. Even on topics as seemingly straightforward as climate change, this once lauded bastion of "thinking globally" seems incapable of reaching an entente cordiale. Political maneuvering leads to expected results every time: consensus is reached, then when voting comes, proverbial rugs are pulled.

The charter for this year focused on an eclectic agenda, addressing issues as diverse as loan forgiveness, military response to the rising nuclear threat in north Africa and the Middle East, and combating the growing power of private multi-national security contractors.

For those in a hurry, Politika Pensado offers a quick rundown of what to expect from this session:

Third World Loan forgiveness is unlikely to pass, with strong opposition from the United States, Russia, Great Britain and Japan. Germany, Sweden, France, China, and the Netherlands have effectively written off several hundred billion dollars in debt already, but their unilateral act of generosity is unlikely to gain much traction among the more conservative member states. As the naysayers would have it... "Again?"

UN sanctioned military response to states listed as "of nuclear concern" will likely come to consensus without issue, as most members are in agreement that sanctions against offending countries has largely been responsible for humanitarian crisis with little chance of effecting noticeable political change. If you can't bribe them, kill them appears to be the motto of the UN these days. Even some states under threat of economic sanctions may vote for rapid military action. Nothing fills the coffers faster than a good oldfashioned war.

Harder to predict will be the outcome of voting on controlling private security contractors. While many of these contractors are based in powerful UN members states (read Russia, United States, South Africa, Great Britain), those states may also regard their oversees interests threatened by the increasing popularity of "Armies for Rent". Add to that the concern over the recruitment practices of many of these corporations (with Kovac Defense Services leading the list on shady practices) and the issue deals with more than just global security - it is a potential humanitarian disaster waiting to happen. KDS, as they are affectionately known by no one, has reportedly been recruiting operators (read: criminals) from state run prison systems with abandon in the last few years, and not all of that recruitment is voluntary. Indeed, they are suspected--

[Encryption checksum mismatch. Contact your IT administrator]

HOPO-BCD-002-L.LOG (Found in R5C3)

Private encryption//SMC mail server
From: Gianna Hilton D043
To: John Schaeffer C067
Date: March 20th 2051
Subject: New equipment needed

Hey John,

Work has slowed to a crawl. We hit the slab the geos told us about and nothing is getting through it. I'm not getting any help from the Nyxos people as they're insisting that they will only talk directly to Gabris, who will only speak directly to you.

The tooth sets we're using just aren't strong enough. We break at least 3 of them a day. They take 2 hours to replace with our depleted workforce, plus we have to back off the mole and go through the start up/shut down procedures every time. If we don't start using better gear there's no way we're going to be at target depth in 3 months. We're currently drilling less than a meter a day.

I really don't want to come to you with this stuff but I know you're going to see the numbers on the last week and wonder what the hell's going on. Can you speak to Nyxos? See if they have any tooth sets using stronger material?


GUNH-543-QAZ-3.LOG (Found in R5C3)

GAGO report //case file: K-Pg_Exploration Task Force

May 2049 // USACE - World Environmental Consortium joint report

Document Title: Global ramifications of privatizing the Merida Sinkhole.

Premise: The Merida earthquake of March 2049 created a sinkhole (DMS 21°08'08"N 89°31'01"W) 1.3 miles across at its widest point, with a depth measurement of 79 meters at the nadir. INEGI, Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics and Geography, has recently recommended opening up this sinkhole to private mining contractors. The joint task force was given restricted access to the site from 04/2049 to 05/2049. This study discusses the consequences of private contracting at the Merida sinkhole, and the potential impact on US interests in the--

[Encryption checksum mismatch. Contact your IT administrator]

33IO6.LOG (Found in R5D1)

D-Lock Block Cipher

Sender: Andre Piros
Receiver: Anders Johanson
Date: September 3rd 2051
Subject: Moving schedule

Mr. Johanson,

We expect to have most of the equipment moved from the Belarus facility to storage hangar 3 by next week. We will begin BIOCOM installation in hangar 4 immediately after. Once it is up and running the pods can be safely moved into the new storage space. We will have space for 8,000 pods by December, and a further 24,000 by March 2052. At your discretion, the first KSOs should be ready for deployment by the start of 2052. The Sigma and Tau generations are currently being coded for Garganta security operations.

It has taken longer than expected due to the flooding caused by hurricane Orwell. The causeway to Garganta is now clear, so we are back at full speed. I have ordered the air division to heli-freight equipment down to the hangars, which will skip the causeway and elevators entirely. This should get us back on schedule.

The Gum Shoes have rolled out the new security protocols, so all personnel will need to have a pre-approved Legion ID code to enter the Legion facilities. Travel in and out of Garganta itself will be unaffected by the new protocols (SMC will not need to update their clearance levels).

I’ll keep you posted..

Andre Piros

EBST-4TG-6SS-E.LOG (Found in R5D2)

D-Lock Block Cipher


To all Garganta employees,

There will be changes coming in the next few months as Project Insight assumes control of all deep level operations. We will be restricting free access throughout the facility to personnel with Tier 5 security clearance only.

All work carried out in restricted areas will follow a strict “nothing-in-nothing-out” policy. Tools and equipment required for fabricating, repairs, installation, maintenance, or any other work will need to be pre-approved and screened. All personnel below Tier 5 with clearance papers will be scanned and searched on entry to the lower levels, and on exit.

There will be extensive construction works going on in the restricted zone. If you have been assigned to a work crew within a restricted area, please contact your sub-level administrator for further guidance on policy and movement through T5 areas. There will be a no tolerance enforcement policy, so you are expected to understand and follow the rules. These measures are being taken to ensure you continue to have a safe and productive work environment.

All request forms, security documents and inquiries should be directed to our operations center.

Thank you for the warm welcome we have received so far. If you have any questions or concerns, our door is always open.

Dean Lockwood
Project Insight Director of Operations

EBDT-654-833-W.LOG (Found in R5D2)

Private encryption//SMC mail server
From: John Schaeffer C067
To: Andrew Clinton B035
Date: August 20th 2051
Subject: Re: Final depth reached

Hey Mr. Clinton,

6 months is a very long tour. I'm not sure how well received that will be.

Perhaps we could arrange some weekend breaks to the Chicxulub outpost at least?

John Schaeffer

On Aug 19th 2051 at 23:47, ANDREW Clinton B035 <aClintonB035@int.smc> wrote:


Congratulations on hitting the target. We're ahead of schedule.

All Garganta personnel will be working in 24 week blocks. Traffic in and out of Garganta will be strictly monitored by Kovac security. No off site travel will be authorized. Let your team know that there will be no exceptions. That's why we pay them well.

If any of your team cannot handle it, we are willing to terminate contracts now. We will implement the new schedule starting September 15th. Failure to request contract termination by then will be deemed as acceptance of the new terms, and now contract papers will be drafted.

Stop calling it the hole.

Andrew Clinton B035

JULK-TEH-333-1.LOG (Found in R5D2)

D-Lock Block Cipher
Sender: Janson Davies
Receiver: Andrew Clinton B035
Date: March 26th 2052
Subject: Congratulations


In the future, ensure that all communication with me is run through the DLock platform. I will be blocking all unencrypted communications from this email forward.

With regards to your concerns over Project Insight, you should be talking directly to your superiors at Santonian. Dreyfus Industries does not get involved with the internal operations of our subsidiary organizations. Our previous communications were purely inquisitiveness on my part, and do not indicate any personal involvement with the Garganta facility other than the financial support Dreyfus Industries provides. The Santonian Mining Company is a self-managed organization. Dreyfus Industries have never, and still do not dictate policy or direction to the Santonian Mining Company, we merely offer advice when requested. The board at Santonian makes the decisions, and is responsible for any policies enacted by the company. I have offered some suggestions to SMC on how to initiate Project Insight and recommended some key personnel, but that is the full scope of my involvement.

For what it's worth, I support the SMC board in this decision. Interesting new discoveries are being made at Garganta, but you are a mining company at heart, and your research capabilities are limited. Project Insight, as I understand it, will be responsible for all future explorations within the mine and the collection and analysis of all artifacts. You will still be overseeing the mining operation itself, but your direction will come from the Project Insight team.

I believe it was Jacob's 10th birthday last week. Please send him my warmest regards.


WKRP-817-CIN.LOG (Found in R5D2)

D-Lock Block Cipher

MSL report K-UX-DeepScan-4-7-52

Sector analysis complete. The mass extends 2,215 (+/- 372m) meters from apex to nadir. Width estimate is 1,247 meters (+/- 208m). As suspected, it is largely made up of the newly discovered Cretasium 77a material, and surrounded by a thin membrane of iridium. Further analysis is required to determine if the material composition mirrors the artifacts. The data suggests the composition of the "egg" is not identical to the artifacts, but shares properties. This suggests a similar origin.

Core composition analysis follows:

cretasium 77a: 38.60%
oxygen: 27.34%
silicon: 12.12%
aluminum: 5.13%
iridium: 3.32%
sodium: 3.26%
calcium: 2.57%
potassium: 2.10%
magnesium: 2.03%
titanium: 1.14%
hydrogen: 0.93%
phosphorous: 0.77%
carbon: 0.54%

+trace strontium, barium, manganese, fluorine, sulfur, zirconium, tungsten, chlorine, copper, nickel, nitrogen, zinc.

It is safe to assume that standard excavation methods will not work given the results of the artifact analysis. We should upgrade the mine teams with Nyxos cutters.

Additional: Several large, clear tubes can be seen on the true color gamma print, starting at the approximate center point of the mass. They do not appear to be lava tubes; the composition materials are too dense to be affected by any heat generated by volcanic activity. Further analysis is needed once we excavate. GSP data for the largest of these tubes has been sent to operations.

EBET-765-NUG-S.LOG (Found in R5E1)

Private encryption//SMC mail server
From: Andrew Clinton B035
To: Gustavo Peres
Date: July 12th 2049
Subject: Re: Your friends at SMC


Thanks for dealing with the Red Cross. They have been removed from the area and we can get back to business. One thing - they didn’t get to Chicxulub, and we have. Looks like your evac teams didn’t even touch this place. What do you want us to do with the bodies? There’s a lot of them. Not sure what killed them but our med team assures me it’s not toxins.

Let me know. We can burn them if you want.


GHIK-J78-F22.LOG (Found in R5E1)

Private encryption//UMS mail server
From: Gustavo Peres
To: Andrew Clinton B035
Date: July 13th 2049
Subject: Re: Your friends at SMC

Burn them.


CDCX-1154-V.LOG (Found in R5E1)

CDC National Alert System ID-01123-DC086

YELLOW tag: sec-clr private: tier 2, .gov, Milit. Des. A7 and above. Read receipt required.

14 cases of unknown contagion/virus in Dade County, Florida. R0 > 9

Highly contagious. Patients present acute neuralgia, anaphylaxis and malacia. Note the r naught - extreme caution advised. Erroneous diagnosis of Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome possible. Full C-Lab/Chem testing required plus biopsy submission to CDC central (Atlanta).

Cellular mutation expected, correlated only. Mortality rate unknown, trench reports indicate unresponsive to chemo/rad treatments, so >50% expected.

Drill wipe down procedures pending potential epidemic. Med drops standing by, request id: NAM-V_G0.

CIPJ-D75-P.LOG (Found in R5E1)

D-Lock Block Cipher



Thank you for managing the issue with Sullivan. Please keep me apprised of his attitude. We need to POI him from this point forward.

I believe we need an increased KDS presence for our expeditions as we head for the core. We are encountering creatures on practically every outing now, and my staff are not equipped to deal with them. Would you have the resources to send an escort team for all future expeditions below L34?


EBDT-SOT-ALA.LOG (Found in R5E1)


Host: Hey you are on the air with State of Truth AM.

Caller: Am I on?

H: Jep you are on air buddy, what have you got?

C: Okay, okay I don’t have much time, there is a… I don’t know if you can hear that, there is a helicopter that has been circling for over an hour right above me.

H: Yeah I don’t hear anything caller, you told our screener you had information on the SMC right?

C: Right, Santionian Mining Company. Man I don’t know where to start…

H: Well to be clear, you mean Dreyfus Industries right? I mean we are talking about the same company here and I wanna start getting people used to the idea that there is a big daddy controlling all of this.

C: Dreyfus Industries right, there is some crazy stuff happening there.

H: Where?

C: Garganta, man! The throat. We call it the facility, it’s got a lot of names.

H: “We”? You work for Dreyfus?

C: No! I mean yes, I worked for SMC but I’m out man. I had to go... they are burning bodies down there.

H: “Burning bodies” what do you mean?

C: They got these explorations right? They are digging into something down near Chicxulub.

H: Chicxulub, that’s the town they took over right?

C: Yeah well this town and that big crater right? Down in the Yucatan.

H: Right, we talked about that on air.

C: Well they are poking around down there and finding all kinds of weird stuff. People going crazy and coming back all mangled and…

H: “Mangled”, what does that mean?

C: Like mangled, mutilated, bones bent and broken, skin changing into… I don’t know... That’s why they are burning the bodies, to get rid of the evidence.

H: What happened to them?

C: I don’t know. We thought... My colleagues thought they found something. You know they are mining for Iridium right?

H: Right but does Iridium exposure do that to a body? We don’t know exactly what…

C: No man it’s not Iridium, that’s what I’m saying. They found something down there.

H: You are saying there found something else?

C: No doubt in my mind. We all knew it. And that’s why they tightened security and stopped letting people in… wait!

H: Caller, where did you go, I lost you.

C: Thought I heard something... That helicopter is freaking me out!

H: Oh okay, try to stay calm. Okay pal?

C: Okay... okay…

H: You said they tightened security. You mean they stopped you from going into parts of the facility?

C: Yeah, and they wouldn’t let us leave. I had to escape. Me and a couple of others found a way out and tried to make it to the…*Call cuts off*

H: Ok there are more of you?! Hello? Caller? Did we lose him? Can we get him back? Alright we will be back in a moment, this is...

LOCS-43W-MOA-D.LOG (Found in R5E1)

D-Lock Block Cipher


As requested, I have compiled the analysis of the affected subjects.

The subject's physiological changes do seem to be permanent. The ossification of the fibrous cartilage in both the spine and menisci appears to start at the brain stem and spreads rapidly, possibly due to the greater intercellular space offered. Attempts to slow the spread have so far been unsuccessful.

Affected subjects show signs of cognitive reduction within a few days, which accompanies the bent or stooped posture. They are able to continue menial work for several weeks, before succumbing to the pain and physical disability.

Opiates and derivatives ease the pain of the subjects, and we have been administering liberally as no other form of palliative care appears to work.

I have our entire cellular biology department working on this, but so far little progress has been made. Even after the parasite is removed, the viral load increases. We cannot stop the progress of the virus, and our only defense is SCBA Level A suits when in NAM-V hotspots. Even with this level of protection, the parasites are finding ways in.

Transition from initial diagnosis to cellular collapse takes approximately 5 weeks. We have yet to discover what happens thereafter. I will keep you posted.

We need more narcotics. Our stocks are running low.

Ron Sullivan

REV-TPN-32W7-0.LOG (Found in R5E1)

D-Lock Block Cipher
Sender: Janson Davies
Receiver: Anders Johanson
Date: October 7th 2050
Subject: Re: Re: Services offered

I ran your suggestion past the board, and they have approved it. Santonian will allocate the requested space for you and have Deep fully excavated by March. In the meantime, they have room available in the storage hangars so you can begin moving in equipment immediately. There were some concerns over your power requirements, but I'll leave that to you to sort out with Clinton.

I look forward to seeing Legion at work. Here's to mutual beneficence.



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