Release Date
October 22, 2020
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Rundown 004: Contact was released on October 22nd at 11 AM UTC // 1 PM CET.

Rundown 004: Contact://Extended was released on December 16th at 12 PM UTC // 1:00 PM CET


The overarching goal of Rundown 004 is mostly unknown, unlike previous Rundowns. Most tasks are simply to gather information, gather construction equipment, scientific equipment or do maintenance work on the facility. All for a purpose that is vaguely referred to by the Warden as "further progress" or "next phase".

In R4A levels, prisoners are sent to gather Items like hard drives and cryo cases. In R4B levels, prisoners are tasked with establishing the local power grid by distributing powercells and activating a generator cluster. In R4C levels, the prisoners must salvage nFrame information with a data sphere and collect congeners in the form of GLP canisters. In R4D levels, the prisoners bring the facility's power back online and explore D2, to find and survey the threat level of an unknown hostile biomass. Throughout the levels, the terminals in this Rundown have a malfunction with their audio speakers, causing them to create loud noises. This makes prisoners aware that audio logs are present in these terminals and can be opened by reading it's log file.

Prisoners will also discover that some security zones are locked behind a bulkhead door. To complete the main objective, one bulkhead door must be opened to continue completing the objectives. While smart prisoners stay on the main objective, more daring prisoners may agree to discover what the other bulkhead doors hold behind them. Opening extra bulkhead doors locked with more danger involved lead to optional objectives. Optional objectives carry various risks with them, with the worst ones able to affect the main objectives in different ways. Completing these additional objectives unlocks some higher tier expeditions.

In R4D2, the prisoners have gathered an audio log of a person stuck in the Complex. This character calls himself Schaeffer, it's one of the few things he could remember. Schaeffer explains that he used to be with three other prisoners, similar to the 4 man teams players play with. The 3 unnamed prisoners are all dead, except for Schaeffer. He is the only one left of his team and managed to survive deep in the Complex for unknown reasons. He explains that more prisoners came to the complex, prior to the characters the players play as and Schaeffer supports this with smelling and seeing fresh blood. He came up with the idea to leave the audio log and challenges the prisoners to go deeper.

The Warden has discovered an unexplored section of The Complex - and so, the Rundown 004 / Contact has been extended to include four new deadly expeditions.

2 months after initial release, Rundown 004 gets four new expeditions after the Warden discovers unexplored sections of the complex. Thus starting Contact://Extended with R4A3, where prisoners are sent down once again to clear a path for 'maintenance work'. Generally, the Warden's true goal with path clearing was to distract biomass to the A3 section of the complex with a long lasting alarm at the final bulkhead door. However, there is no specific reason for distracting the biomass. R4B3's objective is to establish uplinks in the sector. What the ultimate purpose for setting up these uplinks is unknown. R4C3 has a valuable asset hiding somewhere. It is up to the prisoners to locate the asset and extract it out of the sector. It is once again unknown if this objective is building up to something much bigger. Finally, prisoners go deep down into R4E1 to lift a lockdown caused by malfunctioning air filters. The prisoners lift this lockdown by starting up a generator cluster. While moving to the generator, the fog mysteriously moves up and down depending on the progress of the prisoners.

In the second audiolog located in the 2 month later released R4E1, Schaeffer confirms that he hears the characters progressing through run E1. He has a better plan for the prisoners and offers his help in return for the prisoners' help. The audiolog is abruptly cut by sleepers attempting to attack Schaeffer.

All the levels in Rundown 4 the objectives are done for "further progress". With this in mind, Rundown 004's level objectives do not make it clear what Rundown 005 will be all about. Unlike in Rundown 002 and Rundown 003 where they are connected to the retrieval and collection of a Neonate HSU. However, the audio logs recovered in R4D2 and R4E1 reveal that Schaeffer is a surviving member of a prisoner group. Living deep in the complex avoiding the sleepers. This may propose the idea that Rundown 005 is centered around meeting Schaeffer.


New Features[]

General Structures Environments Gear Enemies Consumables Objectives Objective Items
Sectors with Optional Objectives Bulkhead Door Datacenter Autopistol Big Charger C-Foam Tripmine Terminal Command Cryogenic Case
Rundown-Specific Story Elements Bulkhead Door Controller Heavy Assault Rifle Shadow Scout HDD
Matchmaking (Alpha) S1 Alarm Doors Choke Mod Shotgun Tank GLP
Host Migration Auto Sentry OSIP
Voice Chat HEL Revolver Datasphere
Sniper Sentry


Tier Expeditions
A R4A1EXT.png R4A2PE.png R4A3PE.png
High Gather Items Extreme Establish Uplink High Retrieve Item Extreme Retrieve HSU Overload Input Command High Clear Path Extreme Gather Items Overload Input Command
B R4B1EXT.png R4B2PE.png R4B3PE.png
High Distribute Powercells Extreme Startup Reactor High Activate Generator Cluster Extreme Input Command Overload Gather Items High Establish Uplink Extreme Retrieve Item Overload Input Command
C R4C1EXT.png R4C2PE.png R4C3PE.png
High Process Item Extreme Establish Uplink High Gather Items Extreme Gather Items Overload Retrieve Item High Retrieve Item Extreme Activate Generator Cluster Overload Retrieve HSU
D R4D1EXT.png R4D2PE.png
High Startup Reactor Extreme Input Command High Clear Path Extreme Activate Generator Cluster Overload Retrieve Item
E R4E1EXT.png
High Distribute Powercells Extreme Startup Reactor


Log Fragments[]

HW8459.LOG (Found in R4A1)

R4A1 Log.png


Doctor: How are things going?

Jordie: (coughing) I wanna go home.

D: You want to quit?

J: (stuttering) I just want to go home. When do they give us leave?

D: You still have 3 months left on your service contract.

J: I need a break. I need to feel sun.

D: I can give you a topsite pass for a few hours, if you think that would help.

J: Yeah, but… then I’d just have to come back down here!

D: It’s a secure facility, Jordie. You signed the contract.

J: I know, I know, I know!

D: (clearing throat) We commit ourselves to the work; Once the project is done, we can all go home.

J: (laughing, then groaning) This... place… (stuttering) it gets inside you, ya know?

D: You don’t like it here?

J: No. Do you?

D: We’re not talking about me.

J: Don’t you feel it?

D: Feel what?

J: There’s something. It’s menacing, depressing. It’s so dark here!

D: We’re underground Jordie!

J: Oh come on, you know I don’t mean that.

J: Oh… And the smell…

D: Hmm yes, it takes some getting used to. It is very damp.

J: It’s not… damp. It’s decay. It smells like death! We’re surrounded by it!

D: These are very dark thoughts.

J: I know. I know. Can't you- ... Can you recommend leave for me?

D: It’s not that simple.

J: (groans)

D: I don’t have that power, Jordie.

J: So?(stuttering) So what? I just have to stay here when I don’t want to?! It feels like a prison!

D: You see Garganta as your prison?

J: OUR prison. You’re in here too.

D: I’m going to start you on a course of doxin.

J: No! No,(stuttering) I don’t like taking pills, I just have feelings.

D: (clearing throat) Don’t even worry Jordie, you’ll barely feel them. They’ll just take the edge off, I promise you. They’ll help.

J: (groaning) You promise?

D: You can trust me, Jordie. I’m here to help. Hearsay, off.

EBDT_01BE1.LOG (Found in R4A2)

R4A2 Log.jpg


>>ENC: Mambo Media Services news wire

//Translation complete//

A Fractured History

Las Noticias Central, Science Desk

June 3rd 2050

As the cleanup continues after the devastating Merida quake, a team of scientists from the Instituto Geológico are trying to figure out when the Merida faultline appeared, and if the seismic shift was a sign of things to come, or a forgotten history.

Their research has not been limited to the Yucatan. In their quest for answers they have sought archeological societies as far north as the Texas Independence and as far south as Honduras. The answers they were seeking turned up at the Lamanai Archaeological Project in Belize. The team uncovered ancient Mayan records of several earthquakes in the region, with the most recent one being in the mid 13th century.

Researchers at the Lamanai project studied scores of tablet inscriptions from their extensive library and discovered reference to a series of catastrophic population declines that occurred in the Yucatan between 800 and 1300 CE. Until the Merida quake, these population fluctuations were assumed to be related to the frequent outbreaks of disease in the region.

Now, with the context of the newly discovered fault line it seems like the ancient Mayan scribes were giving us more information than we knew. While disease is still almost certainly the reason for the massive drop in Mayan population during the 9th century, the cause of the disease is now much clearer. Earthquakes.

Earthquakes are not a major cause of casualties in the ancient world. Structures were too small and the population was too widely dispersed to inflict mass casualties even from the most powerful of quakes. It is the famine and disease, and the hardship which follows that claims the most number of lives. There have been man [Corrupted]

>> Encryption checksum mismatch – contact your IT administrator

04AF9.LOG (Found in R4A2)

R4A2 Log 2.png

Private encryption//SMC mail server

From: Andrew Clinton B035

To: Artus Charapon D017

Date: March 03rd 2052

Subject: Hearsay Installation schematic


I’ve attached the schematics and installation locations for the Hearsay system. Please ensure that there is enough room in the communication conduits on each level to install the necessary cables for this system (refer to the schematic for details).

The Hearsay schematic and attached papers are for tier 4 clearance only. This is 2 tiers above your current clearance level, so I expect you to handle this with the utmost caution and discretion. You are not to discuss the work or the Hearsay system with anyone on your team. If anyone asks you why you are widening the comms conduits, you are to report them to a tier 4 security advisor immediately.

You do not mention Hearsay, its installation locations, or its purpose to anyone. You are not aware of the Hearsay system, or its purpose. It is a classified SMC security system, and therefore never to be discussed by anyone below tier 4.

I am giving you this information because I see potential in you Artus. Do not let me down.

Andrew Clinton

WIOGL56.LOG (Found in R4A3)

R4A3 Log.png

D-Lock Block Cipher

Sender: Andrew Clinton B035
Receiver: SMC.ALL
Date: December 16th

Subject: Season’s Greetings/Restrictions

From all of corporate at Santonian Mining, we want to wish our employees very happy holidays, and congratulate you on another stellar year working at the cutting edge of modern ore and mineral extraction!

As a member of the SMC family, your work and dedication play an integral role in our mission of building a better future and a positive, prosperous tomorrow for all mankind. There have been many challenges this year, and your management team is not blind to the issues facing us over the next few months. It is imperative that each and every employee focuses on their work and pulls together to achieve the common goal. You must make these final few weeks of the year really count. Double down on your hours, commit yourself to ideals that SMC aspires to, and let’s realize our true potential together.

We have launched a task force to investigate reports of a virus spreading among workers at the lower depths. While we have found some isolated cases, the outbreak is mostly contained and cases are limited to a small, more vulnerable subset of our workforce. Despite what you may have heard, the situation is very much under control. The vast majority of you should fear no threat from the virus, and indeed will likely be asymptomatic. The NAM-V virus poses no threat to you, or to your health.

Even with such minimal risk, let us assure you that we have the highest quality medical staff at hand to deal with any issues you may face. There is nowhere on earth you can be better taken care of than here with your Santonian family. While the NAM-V virus is still new to us and we have much to learn about it, any claims that the virus can cause depression, self-harm, or any disturbing psychotic episodes are misleading and incorrect. You have nothing to fear from the NAM-V.

To that end, you too have a responsibility to help contain the spread. With your dedication to social distancing, mandatory sanitary procedures, and speedy, decisive isolation of victims of this irritating, but ultimately harmless, virus. We have increased our mental care facilities and extended sick leave to those who need it, and will continue to help our family as long as necessary, even if the virus should take them out of commission for a few days here and there. We are ready to help you get back to work quickly, and stronger than ever.
Onwards and downwards!

Morse Code (Found in R4B1)

…. . .-.. .-.. --- (HELLO)

02EX2.LOG (Found in R4B2)

R4B2 Log.png


>>ENC: Mambo Media Services news wire

Iridium, SMC, Price Skyrockets

Report from Torsten Kass, Financial Correspondent, WNA

March 23rd 2049

The price for iridium surged to an all-time high of $2853 per troy oz on Friday in the final hours of trading after Zoltran Data Storage announced they will be transitioning hardware over to TurboByte Hard Drives. TurboByte uses Iridium alloy in their 5 Petabyte system, which will become Zombo’s primary storage hardware in all of their data facilities.

In response to the price climb, shares in Santonian Mining Company (SMC) also rose by 8% in a single day. Santonian are the market leaders in rare mineral and metal farming, and have been steadily increasing market value in the last decade to massive infrastructure investment from their parent company, Dreyfus Industries. A stock split is expected to be announced at the end of the fiscal year.

The surge is expected to continue in the next few months as the new 16k broadcast standard comes into effect in North America and Western Europe. IRLED displays that meet the criteria will be hitting the market in the next few months, using tech based on Iridium, alloys. Iridium is a BUY.

IHYQ456.LOG (Found in R4B3)


D-Lock Block Cipher


It has come to my attention that some SMC employees are using inapproriate terms to describe the NAM-V virus. There are several terms being used, including:

The Garganta Flu
The Stoop
Stoop Throat
The Pits

It is imperative that the use of these terms is immediately stopped. Connecting the virus to our facility could lead to Public Relations disaster, and also casts a pejorative light on Santonian, Project Insight, and Dreyfus Industries. The use of these terms has already reached Mr. Davies, and we both agree that banning the use of these words within the company is imperative. I have already taken steps to ensure that everyone in Project Insight has been sufficiently trained on the correct nomenclature. You must do the same for your SMC employees.

The correct term for the virus is NAM-V. This is a new virus and we are still investigating the cause, origin, and effects. We cannot for sure say if it originated in the lower levels of Garganta, nor can we conclusively state that it has caused the recent surge in suicide attempts, and we certainly cannot risk any employee carrying these false notions to the outside world.

My team continues to work on decoding the virus, and on developing a vaccine. Your team must start controlling the narrative.

Thank you,
Dean Lockwood

SCHFR001.REC (Found in R4C1)


On! Hearsay, on! (stuttering) It's not working! Damn… why isn’t it working? Stupid thing… Come on… (stuttering) Did I do this before? I don’t... I don’t remember… I don’t remember. Come on... think, think think! No, not here. Deeper. I have to go... deeper. (stuttering) Yeah that was it.. I go deeper. I find the hearsay. I leave the message. Yes, that was it. I remember now. I leave the message. But not here. Deeper. Deeper…

WLVY548.LOG (Found in R4C1)

R4C1 Log 2.png

D-Lock Block Cipher

Sender: Janson Davies

Receiver: Anders Johanson

Date: July 22nd 2050

Subject: Re: Services offered

Interesting. I’ll be in touch.

02BE1.LOG (Found in R4C2)

R4C2 Log.png

Private encryption//SMC mail server

From: Andrew Clinton B035

To: Gustavo Peres

Date: April 20th 2049

Subject: Your friends at SMC

Hey Gustavo,

Our mutual friend, JD, suggested I reach out to you again with regards to the situation in the Yucatan. If you need to hear from JD himself, I can have him call you. I’m sure he’d be happy to ease your mind if you’re still concerned about our discussions.

To reiterate, the Santonian Mining Company are always ready to lend a hand with any clean up operations or relief funds that may be needed when the disaster strikes. We pride ourselves on being proactive and rapid when responding to such matters, and I hope our donation to several of your personal charity organizations shows we mean business.

With that being said, can you offer any further insight as to when SMC will be able to get to the area so we can help? We’re itching to get involved, and though we’re sure you have many people offering aid, none of them have the backing of JD, nor can they offer the kind of financial support that we can offer.

Yours in haste, Andrew.

WG8T66.LOG (Found in R4C2)

R4C2 Log 2.png

24x neonatal HS units

12x cases N-33S_endocrine_stimulator

12x cases gambogic amide ampules

4x catalyzer chambers

16x Synthetic NGF protein clusters

Delivery Confirmation:: B-522 Xavier Lightfoot

Note: Goods received by KDS representative #00118-G at Zone 45 Area B checkpoint as per instructions.

ALKN234.LOG (Found in R4C3)


Analyst Report
Reported by: Boris Stanovich C066 (Report Analyst, Medical Dept.)
Date of Report: December 12th 2052
Report: #SAMD-C043-07

Report Summary
This report details the most recent employee health statistics at both Garganta and the SMC controlled coastal sectors.

An alarming increase in the suicide rate has been noticed during the second half of 2052. While depression and psychological issues are to be expected with a work force spending extended periods of time underground, the numbers reveal a steady rise in psycho-pharmaceutical use. The upward trend began in April 2052, and surged dramatically throughout the year.

At the time of writing this report, 34,7% of the SMC workforce based within Garganta have reported psychological disturbances. Our medical teams are dealing with this as best we can, but a more focused psychological evaluation of all employees is merited. We have suggested regular “day-breaks” for all employees to allow them to recuperate at one of the coastal camps, and are waiting for approval. Although pharmaceutical remedy may ease the suffering of those afflicted with depression, the method is a stop gap. Exposure to natural sunlight and open space is the only long-term solution recommended by the medical staff.

Accompanying the mental health concerns, the physical health of the workforce has declined recently. Reports of malaise, lethargy, and exhaustion account for a total of 8,350 man hours lost. The productivity rate of those not reporting sick has also declined, with multiple reports of “daydreaming” and “wandering” employees, particularly with the lower level construction teams. This condition has been coined the “Garganta Flu” though as of yet, we have not discovered any physical cause for this influenza-like condition.

It is recommended that we move from a 3-shift workforce to a 4-shift workforce. The additional 2 hours for each can then be used for mandatory sunlight exposure and a physician approved exercise regimen.

Boris Stanovich C066

SCHFR002.REC (Found in R4D2)


This is... my name is Schaeffer. That's- (laughing) That's all I know. (stuttering) I don't remember. (grunting) Focus... Yeah, I know. Yes I know! It's okay. They can't hear me down here. FUCK THEM! (laughing) FUCK THE WARDEN! (laughing) (clearing throat) Call me Schaeffer. I don't know who you are, or if it will ever be heard. I don't know. I'm not going back up. They'll be looking for me, the warden. I must- maybe they think I'm dead! What if they've come for me? What if I'm giving myself away here? What if I- Listen... I was in a group, there were four of us. They're all gone. But I think there are others. Maybe you, if you're hearing this. Maybe, you came after us! Or, before. Or, I don't know. I don't know! But there are signs. I've seen signs. There are others here, I know it. There's blood, fresh blood. The air, it smells different. Something ALIVE was here. Maybe they can help me! Yeah, that's it! But how do I trust them? They... have... to... prove themselves! Yes, yes! They have to go deeper. They have to get me... something... yes... YES! They have to get me something. Not here though. They have to go deeper. Go Deeper. I'll be waiting.

SCHFR003.REC (Found in R4E1)



Brother, brother I hear you! I hear you opening doors, I hear the screams of the Snatchers as they attack you! I hear the gunfire echoing through the darkness. I know you're working for them, but... but I have a better plan for us, if we- if we work for each other, you help me, I help you, we help each other, right? (distant monster groaning, Schaeffer breathing, and running away, monster follows in chase)

Lockdown Report (Found in Datacenter Terminals)

Click [Expand] to view log:

Reported by: Boris Stanovich C066 (Report Analyst, Medical Dept.) Date of report: October 07 2053 Report #SAMD-C066-32

This task is beyond my usual scope, but due to recent events I have been asked to compile a lockdown procedure for the Garganta Facility. I advise that all procedures here should be cross checked against existing department procedures as my ability to collate information is somewhat compromised given the current chaos. Many departments did not respond to my request for information, so the following procedures are drawn from existing data found in departmental handbooks, and personal communications with those department reps who did respond. To the best of my ability:


  • All Schedule 1, 2 and 3 substances to be secured in approved containers. Approved containers include medical lock boxes, emergency lock boxes, narcotic cabinets fully contained within class A storage conditions, KDS approved safe rooms, KDS approved armored storage enclosures, Project Insight approved drop boxes.
  • All magnetic devices that register more than 3,000 gauss to be powered down and covered with MagShield jackets.
  • All medstation equipment (excepting classified substances) may be dispersed as needed without prior approval.
  • All pressurized gasses and volatile substances to be properly secured in approved locations. Ensure all tank straps are fully synched and release values correctly positioned.
  • All radioactive equipment and substances to be chambered permanently and labelled according to current H & S guidelines. Containment chambers must then be located within 15 meters of an appropriate CMS.


  • All Containment Material Silos (CMS) to be unlocked and available for free use as needed. This includes Water, Sand, Clay, and Boron silos. Containment procedure guidance posters to be clearly visible upon accessing all CMS locations.
  • All satellite power generators (gasoline, nuclear and geothermal) to be switched to low power mode, with both the automatic maintenance and self-calibration cycles set to 14 days.
  • All Jefferies Tubes to be depressurized, then welded shut and appropriately tagged.
  • Reactor 1 to be set to low output mode with the priority mode set to coolant pumps.
  • Reactor 1 thermal trips to be set at 50% of peak load.
  • Reactor 1 containment doors to be secured.
  • Do not weld the containment doors at Reactor 1.
  • Do not weld the containment doors at Reactor 1. (this information is presented twice in the department handbook - C066)
  • Sarcophagi to be deployed at Reactors 2,3, and 4. Override clearance set to Class A personnel only.
  • Containment doors for Reactors 2,3, and 4 to be welded shut.


  • Flush and seal the cooling tubes for the auxiliary cooling system, use the C67 or C67B procedure.
  • Air Intakes diverted to only use green tagged locations.
  • Green tags at intake locations may only be applied once the location has been physically inspected and decontaminated using DeVac procedures.
  • Complex standard temperature set to 18c. Tolerance set at +/- 4c.
  • Diurnal Illumination System Control(DISC) service disabled. If the Emergency Lighting Grid(ELG) does not initiate immediately upon DISC shutdown, it must be manually initiated from the Level 3 Environment Control Center.
  • ELG power feed diverted to Reactor 1. Priority set to “Motion Detect” for all floors (note that floors under Project Insight or KDS control control may retain their own ELG power priority. This is intended).


  • Hearsay logs to be localized and vaulted.
  • Hearsay servers to be patched to the intranet network only. All Hearsay external network connections to be physically disconnected at the Mech Room on sub-level 5.
  • Central surveillance records to be encrypted @ 2048K and disconnected from external network.
  • Sub-level communications to be limited to A, B Class personnel only. All other sub-level comms by approval only.
  • Cellular grid deactivated and Faraday Lock engaged. All external communication networks must be routed through COMSAT for approval.


  • Rescind pre-approved gate clearance for all personnel. Passes must be shown. Visual approval is rescinded.
  • Clear local cache on all Retinal/Fingerprint/DNA scanner units after every use. No historical data to be stored on any devices. If the Central surveillance records have already been decrypted, this should happen automatically. If not, physically remove the network cables on the local device.
  • Seal all bulkhead doors and isolate inter-deck access control to A Class personnel only. Local control can remain with C class personnel.
  • PID badges to be scanned at the assembly point and confirmed against the Central Personnel Database(CPD). Once matched, evacuation via any evacuation designated elevator is permitted.
  • Any person that cannot be matched with the CPD, or who present at the assembly point without appropriate identification, should be escorted to a KDS holding room until they are cleared by the on-duty KDS officer.
  • No persons should be allowed access to an evacuation designated elevator unless they have been matched by the CPD, or approved by the on-duty KDS officer. No exceptions.
  • All at designated egress points. Once the elevator is in motion, it must not stop at any other point other than the designated egress point.


  • All personnel should gather at their designated assembly points prior to evacuation.
  • Remind employees that they should move in a calm and orderly fashion.
  • All personnel are limited to (1) N - 137B Storage Unit for personal belongings. All N - 137Bs must be screened for biological and radioactive matter then tagged with a PID number. The units can then be claimed at the appropriate Pneumatic Delivery center on the surface. Any unmarked N - 137Bs will be sealed in the sub-level 02 vault indefinitely.
  • Any person attempting to transport contraband out of the facility should be moved to a KDS holding room. The confiscated items should be locked in the KDS vault, and the on-duty KDS officer should be notified.