The Rundown is a gameplay feature of GTFO.


In GTFO, the Rundown is a series of expeditions available to the player over a set period of time.

The Rundowns have a number of expeditions over several tiers, each getting progressively harder the deeper in the Complex they take place in. Each tier of hardness is given a letter, such as A, B, C, D, and so on, which correspond to a selected difficulty of the expedition, going from the easiest tier being "A". For example, an expedition closer to the surface, on the first tier (A) would be much easier compared to an expedition on the third tier (C), and so on.

Some levels within a tier, or an entire tier can be encrypted through Warden Restriction, thus not available for the players. In order to unlock them, a certain amount of players must complete the previous levels.

Encrypted Level.png

The Rundown is divided into different tiers where expeditions in the lower part of the screen take place deeper within the Complex. The deeper you go, the harder the expeditions get.
~ Simon Viklund

Simultaneously, each Rundown will have a different time limit, for example, one might last two months, and have several missions, or another Rundown might be quicker and replaced within a couple of weeks. Every single Rundown is different, and once the counter has reached zero, a brand new Rundown will take its place. Once a Rundown is gone, it's completely gone, which means that you cannot replay the expeditions of the former Rundown!

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Canonical Explanation[]

The Warden, an entity that forces the prisoners to complete their work orders, commonly known as rundowns.

When you first launch GTFO, you're presented with "The Rundown." This is the work order that The Warden has tasked you - its prisoners - with.
~ Simon Viklund

Each Rundown is a work order from The Warden for the prisoners to complete.

Official Video Explaining the Rundown[]

Current and Previous Rundowns[]

Rundown Number Rundown Name Release Date Tiers Expeditions
Rundown Alpha Pre-Alpha Rundown October 28, 2019 C 1
Rundown Beta Beta Rundown December 3, 2019 AB 2
Rundown 001 Rundown Protocol #001 December 9, 2019 ABCD 6
Rundown 002 Infection March 31, 2020 ABCDE 10
Rundown 003 The Vessel June 11, 2020 ABCD 7
Rundown 004 Contact October 22, 2020 ABCD 8
Rundown 004://EXT Contact://Extended December 16, 2020 ABCDE 4 (12 total)
Rundown 005 Rebirth April 29, 2021 ABCD 8
Rundown 005://EXT Rebirth://Extended June 23, 2021 ABCDE 5 (13 total)
Rundown 6.0 Destination December 9, 2021 ABCD 10
Rundown 6.0://EXT Destination://Extended April 12, 2022 ABCD 3 (13 total)