Note: this gun was removed in Rundown 004 but added back in Rundown 005.

"Omneco LRG HEL Rifle"
Weapon type
Max ammo
28 rounds (including magazine)
Magazine size
5 rounds
High (30.01)
Precision Multi
Stagger Multi
Rate of fire
Very slow (~600 RPM w/ 0.12s charge up & 0.75s cooldown)
Reload time
Long (3.2s)
Very long (40 meters)

A semi-automatic hybrid electrothermal light-gas gun that fills the special weapons slot. Not available in every Rundown.


It is one of the first weapons, alongside the HEL Gun, to be released featuring piercing rounds and bullet penetration. It was was released in the Rundown 003 / The Vessel update as a rundown specific weapon.


Compared to its sister weapon, the HEL Gun, the HEL Rifle functions as a sniper, serving as an alternative to the Köning PR 11 Sniper Rifle. Unlike the HEL Gun, the HEL Rifle will one-shot Strikers, Shooters, and Chargers anywhere in the body, eliminating the need for headshots. However unlike the Köning, it cannot one-shot Big Strikers, even to the back of the head.

Its main and strongest quality is its bullet penetration, being able to kill multiple enemies in a single shot. In terms of capabilities, it offers high damage but suffers a low rate of fire as it has a very brief charge up time before each subsequent shot. In addition, its small magazine size and long reload make it a poor choice for waves although that can be somewhat rectified by good positioning to take advantage of the piercing rounds.

Fundamentally, the HEL Rifle is best used to pick off Scouts, and in long straight passageways where its penetrative abilities wreak havoc. It is a suitable weapon for killing individual Strikers as it one-shots them anywhere on the body - although if not using the penetrative effects this can be viewed as inefficient in terms of ammo.

Comparison to Köning PR 11 Sniper Rifle[]

While similar in range, damage, and combat role, the Köning and HEL Rifle differ in many ways. The most immediate difference is the total ammo count where the HEL Rifle pulls ahead with over twice as much total ammo and two additional shots in each mag. The Hel Rifle has the potential to be greatly more ammo efficient than the Köning if each shot is hitting 2 or more big enemies at a time. The Köning meanwhile has a much higher zoom on its scope, and combined with its large headshot multiplier, is able to one shot big enemies in the head.

Comparison to HEL Gun[]

The biggest difference between the HEL Gun and the HEL Rifle is the latter's ability to one-shot Strikers in the body while the former possesses significantly more ammunition and more ammo per magazine making it more suited for waves than the HEL Rifle.

Versus Big Strikers[]

Against Big Strikers the HEL Rifle is a bit of a mixed bag. Its range and damage make it a good initial pick, but its propensity to blow entire chunks of the strikers' body parts off means follow up shots may miss, requiring aim correction to reduce time and ammo wasted. This is especially punishing considering the slow fire rate, small mag, and long reload. Put all of this together, and the HEL Rifle is best used with other supporting weapons when taking on Big Strikers/Big Shooters.


The HEL Rifle's high damage, range, accuracy and bullet penetration makes it a good pick for rounding out a team's ranged options.


  • High damage
  • Bullet penetration
  • Long range
  • Kills Strikers, Shooters, and Chargers by landing a shot anywhere on the body
  • Can penetrate and one-shot a maximum of 6 non big enemies with a single round
  • Kills Scouts with one shot to the head


  • Low rate of fire
  • Brief charge-up time between shots
  • Low ammo capacity
  • Small magazine size
  • Long reload