Note: this gun was removed in Rundown 004 but added back in Rundown 005.

"Omneco EXP1 HEL Gun"
Weapon type
Max ammo
39 rounds (including magazine)
Magazine size
9 rounds
High (16.25)
Precision Multi
Stagger Multi
Rate of fire
Medium (~ 600 RPM w/ 0.1s charge up)
Reload time
Very Long (3.7s)
Long (15 meters)

A semi-automatic hybrid electrothermal light-gas gun that fills the special weapons slot. Not available in every Rundown.


It is one of the first weapons, alongside the HEL Rifle, to be released featuring piercing rounds and bullet penetration. It was was released in the Rundown 003 / The Vessel update as a rundown specific weapon.


Compared to its sister weapon, the HEL Rifle, the HEL Gun functions as a DMR, serving as an alternative to the TR22 Hanaway Designated Marksman Rifle.

Its main and strongest quality is its bullet penetration, being able to kill a minimum of 2 targets at a time. In terms of capabilities, it offers high damage and precision but suffers a lower rate of fire as it has a very brief charge up time before each subsequent shot. Like the TR22, it is best used when shots hit their marks, but punishes players for avoiding headshots or just downright missing.

Fundamentally, the HEL Gun is best used in larger crowds, and is able to hold its own against smaller ones and fortunately, its ability to body two-shot small strikers allows for forgiveness if not all the shots quite hit their mark.

The HEL Gun's potential for crowd control and its ability to hold up on its own against individual sleepers makes it an overall balanced choice.


  • High damage
  • Bullet penetration
  • Kills small Strikers and Shooters with one shot to the head
  • Can kill Scouts with one shot to the occiput (back of the head)


  • Low rate of fire
  • Brief charge time between shots
  • Very long reload time