Note: Due to the nature of the contents on this page there will be major spoilers

This page lists the Objectives in GTFO.

GTFO will feature a variety of objectives that the Warden will assign for you to complete when sent down the Complex. The player can select which objective they wish to be tasked with at the rundown, which is a set of new expeditions on rotation for a period of time. When selected, players must navigate through the abandoned Complex in search of clues and resources to achieve their goals. Coordination, planning, using the environment for clues (ex: terminals) and resource management are important factors in the success of each expedition.

Regardless of how many players are in a team, the game will always scale for 4-players. New objectives will continuously be added for free in future updates.


Current known objectives include:



Objective items[]

Objective items are items within an expedition that are needed in order to complete it or to access a new security zone which will lead to either a zone with supplies, other objective items, or an extraction zone.

Access objective items[]

These are objective items that are used in order to access new areas, either leading to supplies or an objective.

Warden objective items[]

These are the items that are the main focus of some expeditions, they are needed in order to complete the mission.

Carry items[]

These items are large and require a player to actively carry them, making their movement speed slower and preventing them from doing most actions.

Pick up items[]

These items are small enough to be picked up without any inconvinience.


Dual use items[]

There are items which can be used to open new areas to supplies or objectives, however they are also the main objective within some missions.