The Mother is a special enemy that is first debuted in Rundown 3 and acts as a boss for certain expeditions. The Mother's health is higher than the Big Shooter and the Hybrid, giving them the second highest health pool of any current enemy.

Breeder, Birther
Extremely High (126 per tumor / 1000 total)
Very Fast
Threat level
Very High
Weak Points
Tumors (5x)


Mothers are heavily deformed, the host body has a bisected head and rows of sharp teeth around its collar. It sports massive reinforced protrusions on its torso, and additional appendages, which protect it from gunfire. The monster's spinal cord also appears to be outside its body. A human face can be seen pressing against the tumor where its head is, which is also armored. It crawls on its limbs and moves around quickly once alerted. Its back has multiple fleshy tumors, which serve as the monster's weak point.

It appears to crawl on its back in a birthing position, with its rib cage split open to resemble that of a mouth.

The larger variant that appears in the final room of R3D1 "Bianhua" and R4E1 "Downwards" has a pair of large rib cages that hang from its head like horns.


Mothers are special enemies, they only spawn in certain expeditions and certain rooms, and might act as a small mini-boss for the level. They can spawn either sleeping or alerted.


Mothers have no damaging attacks of their own and rely on their ability to birth Babies en-mass to deal damage, these Babies spawn underneath it in groups of around 10-15, and will make a distinct noise when released. During this time, the Mother will lower itself to expose its back, making it easier to shoot the vulnerable tumors on its body. After releasing its spawn, it will attempt to hide from players and release a large amount of fog around itself. The fog is very dense however will not cause infection.

Mothers will use the aforementioned thick fog and its incredible speed to avoid players. Unlike the Scout, it will continue to spawn unlimited waves of babies until it is killed.


The Mother's set spawns make it easy to prepare against her. Being that her tumors are her weak point, it is important to focus fire and eliminate as many as possible before her first baby spawn wave, as they will release the thick cloud of fog soon after.

  • If a player has a C-Foam Launcher, one full charge will immobilize her like any other sleeper, giving players a brief window to pop more of her tumors.
  • A Bio Tracker can be used to locate her, especially when she emits her fog. In the absence of one, splitting up to quickly locate her after killing the baby spawn wave can serve as an alternative method.
  • Guns with a higher damage burst such as the Burst Cannon and the Sniper Rifle can allow players to take out tumors at a safe distance.
  • Several players with shotguns up close such as the Buckland S870 Shotgun and the Buckland AF6 Combat Shotgun can discard of the mother rather swiftly. This is also combined well when immobilized with the C-Foam Launcher.

The Mother needs to be in a certain proximity of the player to release her baby spawn wave, so it is advised to keep distance if a player wants to take a slower approach to kill them. Otherwise, continuous focus fire between spawn waves is the best alternative method.

Focusing fire under them as they spawn babies can eliminate a big chunk of the wave.