This page lists the Locations in GTFO.

The Complex[]

Vehicle in a dig site area

Not much is known about the Complex.

The Complex is supposedly under the Chicxulub Crater, which was made by the asteroid that ended the dinosaurs.

The Complex is referred to as Garganta in various log files.


There are various environments that can be seen throughout the Complex, each of them having distinctive characteristics and appearance.

Environment groups can be found in the same expedition, meaning, for example, players can see Labs and Datacenter in one map, but not mine or floodways environments.

A big glass display case found in lab areas

Mine Environments[]

Mining areas are fairly similar but all of them have something particular to tell them apart.

  • Storage - The Storage environment was a place where HSUs, cargos, equipments, and resources were stored.
  • Refinery - The Refinery environment was a place where raw materials were brought up and refined.
  • Digsite - The dig is the standard environment that looks like a dig site. Different tools like trucks and drills can be seen in the dig. It has walls which seem to be quite unrefined and are mostly made of raw stone.

A tunnel in the floodway areas one can go through

Research Environments[]

Both Lab and Datacenter are the most high-tech areas in the Complex.

  • Lab - The lab environment looks like a rundown lab with aesthetics that make it look like it was abandoned. The lab is unique in a couple ways as you can only find syringes in the lab levels.
  • Datacenter - The datacenter environment features glass containers filled with unusable Dataspheres, unpowered androids, server racks and wiring on the walls.

Overgrown Environment[]

  • Floodways - The Floodways environment looks like service and floodwater areas, without the water. Tunnels and pipes can be found and traversed.
  • Gardens - The Gardens environment appears to be a sprawling Garden with overgrowth, broken pumpkins, and other flora. It is highly complex with a multitude of staircases and different levels.


This environment was added in Rundown 6.0.

There is no known official name for this place but an expedition to this location was named 'EFO1', as can be heard in Dr Durant's voice logs. The community refers to this place with a few different placeholder names while the actual one is still unknown: "Destination", "Destination Alpha" or "Red Alpha". However "Red Alpha" can be misleading, as it is also the name of the failed mission to Mars in 2044.

Currently, we know very little about the actual location of this place, if it’s a different dimension or another planet. It is currently the only environment that is located outside of the Complex and apparently also the only one that can be found in combination with every other environment. The only way to enter this environment is via teleportation by either using a jump gate or picking up the Matter Wave Projector / Data Cubes. In R6BX and R6DX, players were instead transported after interacting with certain Terminals, either by finishing an Uplink or entering a specific command. There are three named locations: Alpha One, Alpha Two and Alpha Three, which are most likely the names of outposts visited by the players. Whenever the player is in this environment, the map is disabled and only displays “Disconnected”.

Three new enemies can be seen originating from this environment, The Kraken, which is attacking the players in Alpha One, and Flyers are first encountered in the Alpha Two location, and appear in Alpha One as well. In Alpha Three, Shockers appear alongside with Flyers and even regular enemies like the Striker.