The Kraken is a special enemy that first debuted in Rundown 6.0 and acts as a boss for a certain expedition. The Kraken is the biggest enemy by far. Its size takes a whole zone for itself.

D1 boss.png
Butterfly, Clam, Squid, Leviathan
4% / Projectile
Absurdly High (1200 per tumor, 6000 total)
Fast but rarely moves
Threat level
Weak Points
Big Tumors (1.5x)


The Kraken bears no resemblance to anything humanoid. The Kraken's size is roughly that of an entire cliff, and the Kraken's body structure is somewhat similar to a squid. Multiple giant tentacles stretch out from under the Kraken's colossal head.

The Kraken does have a gigantic mouth, meaning it is possible that The Kraken is an extremely enormous humanoid, though it is highly unlikely.

Inside its head, there are countless number of tentacles and spikes. It has multiple tumors throughout its body, which serves as its only vulnerability. These tumors are larger than the tumors found on a Tank or Mother/Big Mother and have black striations. They also glow pale pink to red when damage is inflicted towards them.


The Kraken can only be found in the vast unnamed environment added in Rundown 6.0. It has only spawned in one expedition in Rundown 6.0 and acts as a boss for the Rundown. The Kraken emerges from below, facing down the cliff. As soon as it notices the player, it immediately engages in combat.


The Kraken has the highest health pool in the game. The only body part that can be harmed is the tumors that periodically appear on its body. The Kraken spawns several Flyers to distract players from attacking its tumors, and it will rain down dozens of devastating homing projectiles of different types;

  • Overhead Missile Barrage - The Kraken's Head/Top unleashes a barrage of missiles that can be fatal if caught by the entire barrage. These are yellow-orange in colour and will have a slight delay until they curve towards the player however have pretty good tracking. Find a roof to avoid this attack. Aliases: Barrage, Artillery
  • Body Missile Barrage - The Kraken's body missiles are different to overhead and mouth missiles. They are red in colour and have the best tracking. Find cover at all costs. Aliases: Hellfire, Red Beams
  • Mouth Missile Barrage - The Kraken's Mouth (Bottom part of its body) missiles are yellow in colour and are the weakest missile the kraken can throw at you. The kraken's Mouth missiles have the poorest tracking of all of its missile attacks. This attack also shoots the least number of projectiles per barrage, however the reasoning behind this is because for these missiles to hit you it will often be in a position where you are exposed, possibly to destroy a tumor that has appeared on the Kraken's Mouth on either side. Aliases: Bullets, Yellow beams

The Kraken's tumors appear periodically and to kill the Kraken you must destroy 5 tumors in total. After the 3rd tumor is destroyed the kraken will begin to summon Flyers at a much higher frequency.

When one of the Kraken's tumors are destroyed, the Kraken will move to a different position and fire a Body Missile Barrage.


Melee weapons are utterly useless when fighting the Kraken, and the Shotgun, Sawed-off Shotgun, Choke Mod Shotgun, and Scattergun are ineffective as their effective firing ranges and bullet spread do very little damage, if any.

The Machine Gun, and Heavy Assault Rifle are good at fending off hordes of Flyers.

The HEL Gun can be used in both clearing Flyers and breaking tumors with Its relatively high damage, fast cooldown and big ammo capacity. but the overpenetration does nothing againt tumors.

The Sniper is the best for damaging tumors with it's long range and high damage, but even then player should fire at least 10 shots in order to break just one tumor, and it will struggle at dealing with hordes of Flyers spawned by the Kraken.

Every main weapons and even some of the special weapons are considered inefficient in dealing with tumors due to their lack of potential damage. even the DMR, the main weapon that has the longest range, has to shoot about 123 shots to break a single tumor without even account for damage falloff. These weapons should be used for taking down Flyers instead.

C-Foam Launchers and Mine Deployers are useless in fighting the Kraken itself, although the mine deployer has limited utility in keeping the Flyers it spawns out of areas.