The Hybrid is a more deadly variant of the basic Shooter and Striker enemy. They shoot many projectiles while attacking and physically punch the players when they're close. Despite their size, their health is higher than the Big Striker's, making them the enemies with the second highest health.

//250 pixel
Rapid Shooter
12% Melee / 4% Projectile
High (150)
Threat level
Weak Points
Back (2x), Head (2x), Occiput (4x)


The Hybrids anatomy is similar of a regular Shooter, however, they are larger in size (not as big as a Big Shooter) and their head has spikes growing on it, which look similar to the growths found on some rabbits due to Shope papillomavirus. Some growths look like spikes while the others look like a large and blunt sphere. Their walk and movement is similar to a Striker's with their slightly hunched over posture, making this enemy to be a strange hybrid of three different enemies when it comes to its appearance.


Unlike other giant type enemies, Hybrids will only spawn within certain zones in certain expeditions. Like other giant type enemies, they spawn in pairs typically in the same room, although the pair may rarely spawn in different rooms. They can also spawn during Hordes and behind bloody Security Doors in their awake form.


They are very similar to standard Shooters. The primary difference is that they fire a stream of many projectiles at a time with medium damage. Unlike Shooters, they also have melee capabilities with a rapid and frantic attack if you get too close. They also will strafe sideways, much like normal Strikers, in an attempt to evade damage.


The Hybrid's projectiles can be a huge threat to the players. They deal can a massive amount of damage if one can't evade or dodge them.

Because the Hybrid has a predictable animation when it attempts to fire, shooting one in the head with the Sniper is relatively easy, and is one of the fastest ways to kill them.

When the Hybrid's head glows, signifying that it is about to shoot, it will cancel its attack if it takes enough damage. Weapons like the DMR or Pistol are able to do this in one shot to the head.

To stealth kill a Hybrid, it takes two fully charged melee hits to the occiput, or four fully charged melee hits to its back or head, in order to kill it. Unlike the Big Striker, the Hybrid's head will only break upon death, and you cannot break their pelvis.

One can solo kill a Hybrid in stealth by getting close enough to cause it to use its melee attack, and quickly backing away to not get hit. Repeat until the Hybrid is dead, and if done properly the Hybrid will continuously attempt to melee attack the player. This can be risky and unreliable at times, as there is a chance the hybrid will scream instead of attempting to melee the player.