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This page is a concise list of edits that need to be made or pages that need to be created.

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Symbol Color Priority Meaning
1 Purple Critical All tasks marked with a purple 1 are critical priority. These should be editors' number one priority.
2 Red High All tasks marked with a red 2 are high priority. These should be completed as soon as possible.
3 Orange Medium All tasks marked with an orange 3 are medium priority. These should be completed before the next rundown.
4 Green Low All tasks marked with a green 4 are low priority. They are suggestions or smaller edits which do not have a deadline.


Priority Title Description Links (Optional) Posted By
1 Rundown 005 Add expedition table, logs, summary, changelist, update infobox, screenshots, etc. Rundown_005 ChxseTug
2 New Systems Create Pages for the new systems & mechanics ChxseTug
4 Structures Revamp the structure pages Structures ChxseTug
4 Pages for Weapon attributes Make a page for every weapon attribute (with a weapon ranking) and add links to the Infobox Template Template:Infobox DanielD45
4 Add artifact images Add images for a muted and an aggressive artifact Artifacts DanielD45


Priority Title Description Link Posted By
3 Merge Objective Pages Merge "objective items" page into this page Objectives Objective Items ChxseTug
4 Create page with information about Dreyfus. GTFO_Wiki Blackknight955
1 Rundown 004 Page Update the R4 page to include all of the new features, logs, and story. Rundown 004 ChxseTug
3 Consumable Navbox Update the Consumable navbox for new consumable Template:Nav consumables ChxseTug
4 Sectored Difficulty Create sections or pages for sectored difficulty and how it works Objectives ChxseTug
4 Add images to home page Create images/logos for the different sections (weapons, tools, characters) etc GTFO_Wiki ChxseTug
3 Update Other Weapons Update other weapons such as the Revolver that have been changed/reworked Weapons ChxseTug
4 C-Foam Tripmine Model Add PSD model for C-Foam Tripmine (Admin-Only) Consumables C-Foam Tripmine D0cR3d
2 Shadow Scout Create the shadow scout page Shadow Scout ChxseTug
2 Autopistol Create the autopistol page AND redirect Autopistol ChxseTug
2 C-Foam Tripmine Add C-Foam Tripmine Page C-Foam Tripmine ChxseTug
2 Choke Mod Shotgun Create the choke mod shotgun page AND redirect Choke Mod Shotgun ChxseTug
2 Heavy Assault Rifle Create the heavy ar page AND redirect Heavy Assault Rifle ChxseTug
3 Weapon Navbox Update the weapon navbox template to include the new weapons and remove the old ones Template:Nav Weapons ChxseTug
3 Tool navbox Update the tool navbox for new tool Template:Nav tools ChxseTug
3 Removed Tools Create a section in the tools page for removed tools Tools ChxseTug
2 Autosentry Create the autosentry page Auto Sentry ChxseTug
3 Shotgun Sentry Move the shotgun sentry to "removed" and update the page Shotgun Sentry ChxseTug
3 Enemy Navbox Update the enemy navbox to un-spoiler mother/baby and add the 3 new enemies Template:Nav Enemies ChxseTug
2 Big Charger Create the big charger page Big Charger ChxseTug
3 Cryo Create a page for the new cryo hardcase Objective Items ChxseTug
3 Update ammopack refill table Update the Ammunition Pack refill amount table Ammunition Pack SoyScoutSmasher
3 Update tool refill pack refill table Update the Tool Refill Pack refill amount table Tool Refill Pack SoyScoutSmasher
2 Update How to play page Update the How to play page to Rundown 4 How to play SoyScoutSmasher
3 GLP Create a page for the new glp containers Objective Items ChxseTug
4 To-Do List on Sidebar Add the to-do list on the sidebar, preferably under "Community Portal" (Admin Only) ChxseTug
4 Content Sidebar Update the content section on sidebar to include Objectives (Admin-Only) ChxseTug
3 Tank Image Capture a better picture of the tank and replace the current one. Enemies Tank ChxseTug
3 New Objective: Terminal Command Create page for the new objective type: terminal command. There are 3 in this rundown, can all be put in this page Objectives ChxseTug
3 HDD Create a page for the new hdd items Objective Items ChxseTug
3 Datasphere Create a page for the new datasphere Objective Items ChxseTug
3 Objective Navbox Update the objective navbox template Template:Nav Objectives ChxseTug
3 OSIP Create a page for the new OSIP vials Objective Items ChxseTug
3 Objective Items Navbox Update the objective item navbox Template:Nav Objective Items ChxseTug
3 Merge Item Processing Objectives Merge all "item processing" objectives such as datasphere, neonate, etc. Objectives ChxseTug
2 New Weapons Add new weapoons, create pages for them, and create redirects; update weapon navbox Weapons ChxseTug
2 New Enemies Add new enemies and create pages for them; update enemy navbox Enemies ChxseTug
4 Split Mother pages Split the mother page into a separate page for pMother Big Mother ChxseTug
4 Get new key image Get a new image for the key objective item as the current one is outdated and a bad size Key SoyScoutSmasher
2 Objectives Add new objectives & objective items and create their pages; update objective navbox Objectives ChxseTug