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Welcome to the GTFO Wiki’s rule page!

In order to make sure that the wiki runs as smoothly as possible, we have decided to create some simple rules for the wiki, to guarantee that everyone has a pleasant experience using it; both those who edit and those who just came to read information. We kindly ask everyone to keep these rules in mind while venturing through the wiki’s pages, and to respect every single contributor to the site! We follow a fair system to give users plenty of warnings and opportunity to stay within the rules. The wiki admins will reach out to you about rule violations where possible, and will remind you to stay within them. Users who ignore these warnings or who's violations are extreme will lead to having their editing permission taken away.

We encourage everyone to use the GTFO Discord and the #wiki-chat channel to communicate, which allows for live discussion.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the admins of the wiki, who are:
D0cR3d (D0cR3d#0001 on Discord)
RavennaTundraborn (Ravenna Runeborn#2396 on Discord)
ChxseTug (chxsetug#1313 on Discord)
SoyScoutSmasher (Soy#8008 on Discord)


  • Please be civil and respectful at all times. Even if someone's work may be incorrect, there is a respectful way about bringing it up with them. Do not delete/edit someone’s whole work, unless it contains information that is wrong, or is against the rules. We encourage working with the community to improve any areas of opportunity.
  • Please do not engage in editing wars! This means going back and forth with a user when it comes to editing a page, rolling back each other’s edits and so on. No page is owned by anyone, everyone has the same right for editing. Please do not rollback perfectly fine edits, unless they are rule breaking. If you have concerns, please reach out to an Admin.
  • Do not make drastic content edits to already perfectly fine pages, such as changing the name of the enemies, completely changing description of the weapons, etc.
  • Please whenever it is possible, add a small summary to your edits when you are submitting them, even if you are just correcting grammar or formating.
  • Please keep the pages in English.
  • Please be careful when editing any code on the site, such as infoboxes, navigation menu at the bottom of the pages, etc. Do not completely delete and rewrite codes without prior permission from one of the wiki admins.
  • As per developer request, unreleased content should not be shared anywhere on the wiki. This includes, but is not limited to, unreleased voice lines, weapons, tools, enemies, props, environments, game mechanics, and audio clips. However, datamined statistics and ingame sounds are permitted.

Please note that the above list of rules is not comprehensive. The admin team reserves the right to remove content or ban users in extreme situations if it is deemed detrimental to the wiki or to the experience of others. Any content that lowers the user experience can and will be removed. Ignorance of these rules does not excuse breaking them, nor does responding to someone that breaks them by doing so yourself.

If you are unsure about anything or have any questions, please ask. Often times we can make accommodations for reasonable requests, including getting official images from the developers.