The Flashlight is the default light toggled by pressing F (default key). It helps to see in the dark but wakes up Sleepers if the light shines on them for too long.

The Flashlight differs depending on the Weapon the player is holding (or holding a Long Range Flashlight), and aggro Sleepers over different ranges. (Note: the Flashlight range is NOT related to the Weapon range)

Scouts are not triggered by light even though it will make them extend their feelers.

Expand for Spoilers => You can deactivate Spitters for a few seconds using the Flashlight.

Flashlight types[]

Short range flashlights[]

The Headlamp[]

  • Range: ~10 meters.
  • Angle: tight.
  • Color: yellow.
  • Toggled by F (default key) when the player has neither equipped a weapon with a Flashlight, nor the Long Range Flashlight.

Medium range flashlights #1[]

Medium range flashlights #2[]

Extended range flashlights[]

The Long Range Flashlight[]