This page lists the consumable items in GTFO.

Consumables are general-purpose items or resources that aid players in surviving on their expeditions. These can be found throughout The Complex. The player can carry a resource pack and a consumable simultaneously as they occupy separate slots.
Consumables and resource packs CANNOT be stacked. You can use a consumable in front of sleepers since it doesn't make a sound.

Resource Packs[]

Resource packs take up the Character's fifth item slot. They do only spawn in lockers and boxes.

Resource packs are found throughout The Complex in resource lockers and boxes. With the use of a Terminal they can be queried and pinged, making it easier to find them, especially if the player is looking for a specific one.


Consumables take up the Character's sixth item slot. They cannot be replenished through resource packs. They can be found in resource lockers/boxes, and rarely also outside of them - for example on shelves.

Some consumables have a duration of how long they will work.
Consumables cannot be pinged, queried, nor will appear on any list when using Terminals.


  • Syringes can only be found on lab levels.