"C-Foam Grenade"
Tool type
Max charges

The C-Foam Grenade is a consumable that can be found throughout The Complex in resource containers. A single grenade contains enough C-Foam to reinforce a door without the use of another one, and can be used for slowing and immobilizing enemies as well.

Starting in Rundown 003, only singular C-Foam Grenades can be found, down from a maximum of three item stacks in previous Rundowns.


C-foam Grenades can be utilized in two ways. They can either be used to reinforce doors, or to slow freeze hordes of enemies heading towards the player.

  1. When thrown to a surface it will explode, dispersing a large amount of foam over the target area, and immobilizing enemies who are hit by it or walk into it. After a certain amount of time the C-Foam will expire, and frozen enemies will begin to once again attack the player.
  2. One grenade can fully reinforce a door, though this is less tool efficient than using the C-Foam Launcher. This is due to the C-foam Grenade containing double the amount of foam as a full charge from the launcher.

The main benefits of the C-foam Grenade is in it's ability to instantly foam doors without the need for a charge up time. It is also useful for its ability to instantly freeze many enemies at once, or to freeze giant enemies and bosses. It also allows players without a C-Foam Launcher to have a means to freeze enemies, or reinforce doors if the situation requires. Its drawback however is that its foam spread, is less controllable than that of the C-Foam Launcher.