"Buckland AF6 Combat Shotgun"
Weapon type
Max ammo
58 shells (including magazine)
Magazine size
12 shells
High (2.51x6, 15.06 total)
Precision Multi
Stagger Multi
Rate of fire
Low (240 RPM)
Reload time
Long (2.83s)
Very short (4 meters)

A fully automatic shotgun that fills the special weapon slot, it was released in Rundown 001 as a rundown specific weapon.


The AF6 features a twelve-round magazine, automatic fire, and high ammo reserves. It is equipped with a reflex sight and wide, short ranged flashlight. It is one of the few fully automatic special weapons, alongside the Techman Arbalist V Machine Gun and the Techman Veruta XII Machine Gun. The AF6 has one of the highest crowd control potential of any other weapon at close range.

Compared with the Buckland S870 Shotgun, the AF6 has magazine capacity, reload speed, and rate of fire advantages. It can also carry a total of 58 shells compared to 27 for the S870, this also means ammo refills will give more shells in total.

However, the Buckland S870 fires more pellets per shot, deals higher damage per pellet and has a tighter pellet dispersion, giving it slightly better range and accuracy.

Both shotguns are suited for close range combat, dealing with many strikers all attacking at once.


  • High damage
  • 12-round magazine capacity
  • Fully Automatic
  • One of the best weapons at close range
  • Can take out multiple enemies at once when grouped
  • Can kill a basic Striker with one shot to the head or back, and a basic Shooter to the head
  • Good hip fire accuracy, low accuracy loss when moving
  • High amount of reserve ammo


  • Short range
  • High damage falloff
  • Wide pellet spread
  • Inconsistent damage due to spread
  • Ammo inefficient if headshots are not landed
  • Not particularly effective against large enemies
  • Expand for Spoilers => Not ammo efficient against Chargers as their head is not a weak point. Better for Shadows as, while their head is barely visible, the high spread allows for some partial hits.