Big Striker

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"Big Striker"
//250 pixel
Big Guy, Big Boys, Goliath, Titan
40% (melee) / 24% (range)
Threat level
Weak Points
Occiput, Head/Back

Big Strikers are large towering enemies found within The Complex. They are the larger, more durable cousins of the basic Striker enemy. They serve as tanks, soaking up gunfire and causing a drain on the player's resources.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Big Strikers have a very distinguishable, disproportionate anatomy. Similarly to regular strikers, they possess a masculine, human-like build and proportions, as well as centrally split "heads" and teeth similar to the typical Striker. Unlike their smaller counterpart, they are enormous in size at around 2.4 to 3.7 meters tall, and their heads are oddly small compared to the rest of their bodies, around the same size as a regular Striker's head. From the head to the chest they have beige colouration, and their skin appears to be see-through to some extent as well, as when light emits from them, an intricate pattern of veins become visible. Below the chest area, this palette changes into almost pure black, with no veins visible when the Big Striker is listening.

They make a very deep and slow growl sound when paying attention to their environment.

Dormant Audio[edit | edit source]



Alert Audio[edit | edit source]


Spawning[edit | edit source]

Big Strikers are found uncommonly but can appear in any room, unlike the Scout which only spawns in certain rooms. There are also some rooms in certain expeditions where they will spawn much more commonly. Sometimes, along with the Big Shooter, they can be the only enemies spawning in their dormant form in a room. They can also spawn during Hordes and behind bloody Security Doors in their awake form.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

The Big Striker, while in its dormant form, will stand mostly still, except for when it is listening to the environment, when doing so they are more aware of sounds and flashlights from players. The Big striker seemingly has a worse sensing distance than other sleeping enemies, with players being able to do actions which produce sound, such as killing other enemies, at a closer distance.

When alerted, the Big Striker will enter an attack mode. While in this mode the Big striker has two forms of attack, their tongue attack which is similar to other strikers, however, it has a much longer range and does twice the damage of the regular striker. Their other attack is their melee, which they will automatically do when a player gets too close to them unless they are already distracted by another player, or staggered. Their melee attack is very devastating, doing 40% damage, and occasionally, if unlucky, you can be hit twice and take 80%. It is advisable to not get too close unless you are confident in your skill.

The Big Striker loses its knees and arms when too much damage is inflicted to them, they are also able to survive without a head or torso, allowing them to absorb large amounts of damage without going down.

Despite their strength, range and health, Big Strikers are incredibly slow and prone to being stumbled with charged melee attacks. If the players/prisoners get too far away from the Big Striker, it will run to catch up.

Big Strikers can be killed with 3 player's fully charged melee attack, aiming for the head and back.

Gallery[edit | edit source]